Cleanup of the river bottom from silt

the Presence of a pond near her house creates comfort, and rest near the warm summer evenings is an incomparable experience. As with all other water bodies need from time to time to clean the pond. Causes cleaning of the pond may be different. First of all, it's a bad waterproofing. Also quite frequent phenomenon, the appearance of greenery on the surface of the pond. Cleaning the pond from algae should be carried out regularly. Most often when cleaning the pond using filters.

Clean up the lakes is to prevent pollution, contamination and siltation of reservoirs, and small dredging.

what starts the work on clearing the bottom of the pond?

Clean up the lake to begin the project.

Project clean lake is developed on the basis of actual topographic mapping, having all necessary information:

cleaning the bottom of the river dredge
  • the area of the proposed works;
  • the actual depth as of now;
  • the differences of elevation points;
  • rapper on capital construction for control;
  • places of storage of sludge.
Clean the bottom of the river lake pond of silt alluvium create beach the recess cleaning the cut reeds algae a grapple dredger, cleaning pond

Project clean lake, river, pond, pond contains a visual representation of all upcoming works, such as building and strengthening the dam, the planned water's edge, the elements of dewatering. Based on the project type is selected dredging equipment, methods and ways of treatment. Having a design study it is possible to calculate the total cost and the cost of one cube recesses. The cost depends on the arrival-County equipment, the choice of fuel (diesel, electricity).

on the Basis of practice in order to avoid misunderstandings of the parties, the customer and the contractor to complete all the stages of collaboration:

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  • the Geology of the site to determine the nature of the rocks under the mud. For example, deep sand can be used for the formation of beaches, recreation areas, etc.
  • Geodetic measurement of the depths with the preparation of the actual card bottom.
  • Calculation of the desired depths after cleaning with the calculation of the projected volume of earth to be moved. At this stage determines the final price.
  • Final geodetic survey; based cartograms of the volume of work performed.

We offer mechanical cleaning and deepening of the reservoir using a unique equipment. Uniqueness lies in its technical capabilities:

  • Deepening to 40 meters
  • Work in difficult conditions (sumps, oily wastes, chemical wastes);
  • Transportation of sand, silt or slime to 1 kilometre pipeline with up to 30 m
  • High pumping speed (8,000 cubic meters per month).

If the surface of Your lake or pond has accumulated a lot of household and mechanical debris (leaves, lint, pine needles, grass, dry wood), just call us.

Having owned the grab and dredge, we are able to offer you a personalized approach to solving Your problem. When the complexity of the entrance to the beach will be more convenient dredge. When small volumes of up to 3000 m3 would be more appropriate to use the grapple.

the Company " Guild Engineering" provides a wide range of services in cleaning of water bodies, improvement of beaches, creating and restoring beaches, shore protection and more.

cleaning the lake is required in the case of accumulations of silt and sediment on the bottom, when the growth of pond algae, reeds, in a serious breach of species diversity of flora. The presence of an oily film - the first symptom of a critical situation. To ensure a comfortable stay in a country house or in the country and build the pond, you need to take care of its purity.

If You want quickly, without costly and unnecessary hassle to clean the pond without water or river littered with fallen trees, we have You covered. The more that technology cleaning water floating installation allows dozens of times to reduce the cost and time of execution.

For clean water, we use only gentle methods, whereby after use, its ecological balance is restored soon.

During pumping of sludge and other works by our experts preserved the natural landscape and provides a proper balance of all ecosystems.

Dredging and cleaning of ponds

let's Say Your site has access to the lake or the river. There is a garage for the boat. To swim for the boat, the required minimum depth of five feet. And you have no more than a meter. To make swimming water from the garage to the reservoir it is necessary to carry out dredging works. In increasing depth. To determine the volume of dredging operations will need the following information:

  • the detailed survey of the bottom topography with coastal zone and the zone of soil storage on today, from the fixed reference point;
  • the Geology of the seabed. Includes sections along the lines of the channel profiles, the determination of the thickness of the other layers of silt breeds;
  • seasonal fluctuations of the water level;
  • the design of the bottom topography.

Based on these initial parameters, selecting the necessary equipment and calculated the cost of the work.

Also, our company is demographically work gentle on the ecosystem of a lake or river methods, that is not getting through the confining beds are not overlapping currents, etc.

And only after quality cleaning and dredging of rivers or lakes, you can proceed to the final step - the beach.

In our work we use only proven methods and equipment that ensure the quality performance of the tasks assigned to us. In the presence of a backhoe loader Caterpillar, whereby the cleaning the pond from sludge, dredging, dredging is carried out as quickly as possible. This technique allows to achieve better performance and lower operating costs for the dredging, cleaning of bottom of the river, lake or some other body of water.

Also backhoe loader Caterpillar we use in the following ways:

  • towing of goods with considerable weight;
  • loading and unloading materials;
  • digging, backfilling;
  • landscape works.

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