Detection of illegal structures with the help of drones and drones

Despite the fact that drones were invented over half a century ago, today they have become a real breakthrough and is used in many fields of human activity. Drone innovation is actively used in the agricultural industry, military, oil refining, to protect nature, and even transport people. And also they have become indispensable tools for surveyors. The use of drones is legal, and is governed by international law. With this equipment it is possible to create orthophotos, reliable maps, to perform the control of cultivated land and borders. Thanks to innovative sensors, metaldetectors, multispectral cameras and sensors on Board (depending on the modification the drone), it is possible to identify the illegal structures with the help of drones and UAVs in real-time.

the Identification of illegal buildings using drones and drones

Search and identification of various immovable objects, what happens with the exact determination of their coordinates, which will be immediately transmitted to a ground control station. The second option is the detection of unregistered buildings − the search can be carried out by analyzing high-precision photos and videos obtained as a result of aerial photographs made from a height of 100-1000 meters.

How to search illegal construction?

the drone up in the air automatically, it does not need a special area. His route, speed and altitude is prescribed in the onboard computer. If the aim was the identification of illegal structures with the help of drones and drone − it can be achieved by forming the plan of the actual building, and, further, a comparison is made with the official map of the building. This is essential for tracking the status and legality of a specific construction of the object and subsequent record data in the electronic document.

drones are Often used to detect unauthorized activities in the protected areas. Also they can be used to detect illegal border crossings and search-and-rescue work: this became possible due to the fact that was enhanced payload. Now the drones are not only able to display the overall picture on a particular area, but even to seek out her specific objects and pictures to hang over them.


advantages of working with drones

the significant advantages of drones compared to the standard methods include:

  • efficiency;
  • ability to work in difficult weather conditions when the satellite images and other methods cannot be applied;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • small time for flight preparation;
  • high mobility
  • does not require a large number of qualified professionals (only one expert).

Drones are divided into three categories. In most cases, use small "micro" machines, weight not exceeding 5 kg. Drones of the middle class, despite the prefix "mini", weigh 150 kg, and sophisticated equipment "Maxi" up to 9 tonnes. For such services as identification of illegal structures with the help of drones and drones enough "micro": the device rises up to a kilometer in height, and flying in a few hours.

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