Registration of ownership of the land

Guild Engineering deals with the registration of ownership of land, also by inheritance, under a house, and included as field geodetic measurements of the land and design of the technical report on land surveyors

the registration of ownership of landthe Registration of land in his possession was always long enough. It was necessary to obtain the state certificate on your site. And this process could not be delayed only for a few months, even several years. But in 2013 there was the reform of the land industry, which adopted the Law on land cadastre, which changes the procedure of registration of ownership of the land.

State act, which is before everyone had to get to join in the ownership of land, now only needed in cases where land is allocated for the first time. That is, all those who receive land as a result of the transaction of purchase and sale, exchange or wills, freed from troublesome procedures for certificate registration. In such cases, the act of the previous owner made a special mark and the existing state of the document is attached to other documents - transaction of sale, the certificate of inheritance, the gift agreement. Under the new legislation created two structures, each of which is responsible for your side of the Desk: the State land cadastre is responsible for the technical side, and the State register of rights for legal. If you have registered your land only in the inventory, the full ownership of it you don't already have. Only after the procedure in the register of proprietary rights you will be fully owner.

These innovations were designed to make the whole process of ownership faster, easier and less corrupt. But in practice it turned out not so perfect as in the draft. There is confusion with documents, with the order of visiting certain public institutions, offices continue to line up the queue. All these troubles can be avoided if for help in the design of the law of the land property to contact a qualified assistants. These are the specialists Guild Engineering. We can provide you with advice on land - what the authorities to visit, what documents to collect. We are also ready to assist you at all stages of the design:

  • Drafting and bringing all technical documents that relate to the land, its boundaries;
  • Registration of cadastral plan - execution of cadastral surveys, boundary definition, and coordinate plot. This is a necessary procedure for obtaining a cadastral number;
  • Make all necessary enquiries in any organs and institutions, and obtaining approval documents;
  • check the State land cadastre and obtaining the certificate;
  • Support in the State register of rights, if necessary, for final registration.

To issue the property right you will need the presence of these mandatory documents:

  • the statement made in the appropriate form;
  • documentation of land use planning. Must be given not only copy, but the original document;
  • materials that are proof of the fact that the payment was made to all services of state registration.

If the land belongs to several cadastral registrars, this may entail some difficulties in obtaining the ownership certificate in the State cadastre, as each Registrar, based on article 24 of the law of Ukraine "On state land cadastre" and may result in the denial of registration of ownership rights on this land. In this case, the dispute will help to solve only the shipping process.

Cooperation with us, the lawyers, surveyors-land surveyors, will help you save time and speed up the entire procedure registration of ownership of on your land.

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