Registration of ownership of the land

the Registration of ownership of land

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the Company Guild Engineering will perform the service for the Registration of ownership of land, the complex of works includes collecting all necessary documents, geodesy, land management, maintenance of real estate lawyers. We will issue your land under building, garage. We work all over Ukraine. To become a full owner of the land according to the current legislation of Ukraine:

  • privatizing the plot or having received it for free from the structure of land plots of state and communal property;
  • through the acquisition, alienation by contract, receipt of an inheritance or make a donation

the Land in our country has three types of ownership, one private, the other public and third and utilities.

the property Right is the right to possess, use and dispose of land. This refers to the portion of the earth's surface with marked and established by the boundary specified by the location of the site and documented it right.

the Right of the owner of a plot of land distributed by:

  • within the established boundaries of the land;
  • on the surface layer of soil;
  • for objects that are located on water bodies;
  • the forest and other plantations, which are located on the land;
  • spatial area;
  • in depth and height, which is necessary in the construction of various real estate projects.

the Certificate of title is an established document of a certain form. For registration of such documents, you will need a very long time, and this often causes a lot of anxiety. It happens because of the complicated and confusing in the small details of the organization on the design of such evidence. So it happens that non-legally trained people find it very difficult to decide any intermediate parts. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the special importance and the help of our highly qualified consultants in land tenure. Pay attention to the company Guild Engineering. The company will always provide the services of qualified and experienced lawyers to their potential customers. The company's specialists will be able to assist in the resolution of any problems that arise on registration of land state of testimony. Over the years the accumulated positive experience in this area allows to give a guarantee that you receive quality care and support. The cost of services determined by individual approach to any client.

documents Required:

  • copies of the identification code and passport
  • a copy of the decision from the local authority on the transfer of the site;
  • technical documentation which is issued by the land (if any).

In the legislation have been some innovations, which, in the document on the plot will display the following stages:

  • 1st stage - obtaining property rights;
  • 2nd stage - registration.

At the 1st stage concluded and certified by a notary public is a civil contract, confirming the purchase of the land. The state act of ownership from the previous owner - this is a mandatory Annex to the agreement. In this case, the notary is obliged to make a note about the transfer of ownership, in full accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine order.

2 stage - Registration of the agreement (act) in the local authority semirecursive to fill technical documents on land management on the development of documentation certifying the ownership rights to the land. The bodies of earth resources get only 14 calendar days to register such a right. From now on, when an interested purchaser receives the documents where registered his ownership rights, he is considered the rightful owner of this land lease.

the Company Guild Engineering is working closely with the Goszemagenstva c the beginning of 2010, we executed everything geodetic survey for new katastrofy rooms and privatization.

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