3D scanning

Each client, addressing in particular the geodesic company, in their choice of contractor is guided by a few simple principles. First of all, the company should be reliable, with a good reputation and numerous positive reviews. Secondly, the methods of work and equipment used must meet the current geodetic requirements. The only way to achieve accurate results. And accuracy is what he wants and the customer, and should strive to the contractor.

3D сканування

Hardware plays, but on the contrary, one of the leading roles in achieving the accuracy of the result. If the devices do not meet current professional standards, to achieve the final positive outcome of the geotechnical exploration will not work. That is why every company that cares about their image, name and their clients, trying to follow the professional innovation and time to update the database of their devices.

the Study of the surface on the subject of geodetic features at the present stage is usually performed with the use of digital tachometers, as well as the navigation  GPS receivers. They, in comparison with manual methods of measuring distances, give the possibility to determine the parameters of the investigated area more accurately. But progress does not stand still, and is growing rapidly. Today, in large geodetic companies actively implemented such a way as holding 3D scan.

Scan 3D is to create a three-dimensional model of a specific object area. This is a fairly new way to explore the countryside compared to the same station. However, over the short period of its existence it has already gained popularity among themselves engineers, and among customers.

And this popularity is justified. The advantages of using 3D scanning obvious. The ability to significantly accelerate the process of exploring the territory, to explore its length and breadth, without interrupting your work on the site makes this method popular with regard to industrial, agricultural objects. Now companies or their agencies do not have to stop their work, so that engineers could perform his. At the same time, the surveyors this method of field work also simplifies life for the conduct of research with this scanner allows the technician to be at some remote distance from the place of study. And this is very important when we are talking about the same production facilities. While all the details are reproduced with high accuracy.

3D scan, as the new service is not very common among geodetic companies. In fact, in order to offer customers and carry out in practice, it is necessary to have a staff of experts that specialized in working with this type of research method. In addition, knowledge alone is not enough, you need to have the appropriate technical base in the form of three-dimensional scanners and software. Therefore, to boast such a service can not every company, but we can. The Engineering Guild tries to regularly introduce new methods study sites and this helps us to maintain leadership. We not only have professional equipment for three-dimensional scanning, but also employ specially trained it professionals. So 3D scan and further processing of the received data by converting it into a three-dimensional model is one of our strongest areas.

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