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The services of a surveyor, geologist, surveyor and the rest of the team of specialists from the company "Guild Engineering" offers you the opportunity to obtain accurate and timely information about your site, and therefore the confidence in your actions according to the current legislation.

Each of the stages of construction, privatization is important in varying degrees. Qualitative performance of each of them guarantees the reliability of the whole structure and validity of the documentation. The preparatory stage is crucial. It depends on him – how will be performed surveying, construction and cadastral services. Everything should start with the services of a land surveyor, geologist, surveyor. In the course of these studies, you can get the most complete information about the area where is planned the construction, the relief features. To perform geodetic research needs of the company, with special permission for this type of work, the appropriate certificates. The company "Guild Engineering" works officially, has all necessary permitting documents and licenses. the Engineering surveying together with our company is becoming easier and is faster. We carry out all necessary measurements of the site and surrounding areas, as well as on the basis of the obtained field data compiled drawings, perform the appropriate calculations. This is done so that you can correctly place the design on a given territory.