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"Guild Engineering" is a modern company, the dynamics of which is impressive. Its specialists during the provision of surveying services, using modern equipment, which allows to receive the most accurate results, work quickly, regardless of the complexity of the terrain. The trust of customers the company has won thanks to the responsible approach to every task. "the Guild of Engineering" is the first company that purchased a digital pedological laboratory of soil and its chemical analysis. The client is used: the company's motto – not just empty promises, in the work of the company Guild Engineering is present the speed and quality.

feedback about the engineering Guild, reviews of geodetic companies

reference letters from our customers:

the team

the Company " Guild Engineering" gathered only the best land surveyors and geologists from all over Ukraine. All the experts are qualified and possess special skills and knowledge. Our experts are all with higher education and extensive experience. Some he reaches over 10 years. Also in our team is young change, which is gradually gaining professionalism in this kind of activity. Professional staff, LLC "Guild Engineering" he understands the responsibility that they volognano, and refers to perform their work efficiently and quickly, paying attention to even the seemingly insignificant details.

"Guild Engineering" provides surveying services in the field of architectural and engineering design. Our specialists will carry out geophysical and geological exploration, geological and geodetic studies, the work of land management.


feedback about the engineering Guild

all specialists of higher technical education. 90% graduated from the national Mining University and were the best students in the stream. Passed all industrial and educational practices.

the Specialists of the Engineering Guild was engaged in land management and surveying, with the deployment of a large program in the construction of residential areas and various objects of social sphere.

other services

In recent years the specialists of the company Guild Engineering is carried out construction of residential complexes, perform project design. This includes shops, various kinds of structures, roads, kindergartens, houses and other objects in the social sphere. All the skill of the professionals. Based on the materials of surveying in construction, for this purpose, pre-project documentation.

Cooperation, partnership

At the present time it is impossible to conduct topographic and geodesic works without the availability of modern electronic devices. Also need and the specialists with the necessary knowledge in the fields of construction, land surveying, topography.

the Company achieved a positive and mutually beneficial experience in cooperation with different organizations in the field of engineering research, residential and industrial facilities. A well-established scheme of work allows us to fulfill any customer's request in the shortest time and at a mutually beneficial price. The ability to shorten the period of research allows the presence of an automated laboratory. Reports on all engineering-geodetic and geological studies are formats such as Auto CAD and Microsoft Office electronically. The company has all the necessary specialized equipment, tools and transport.

Professionals  LLC "Guild Engineering" always willing to perform surveying work of any complexity and purpose. To subscribe to any of the land-legal relations, to determine the ongoing cost of surveying.

the company's Customers are legal companies, design institutes, contractors, General contractors, building investors, owners of large real estate, and other legal and natural persons.


feedback about the engineering Guild, reviews of geodetic companies

SMALL COLLECTIVE research and PRODUCTION COMPANY "TALAN" started its activity in the distant 1991, specializes in the implementation of geodetic and special surveying works and operates under the LICENSE of the STATE SERVICE of GEODESY, CARTOGRAPHY AND CADASTRE. 20 years experience transferred to young, ambitious and motivated team. The company is equipped with modern high-precision equipment of foreign and domestic manufacturers. The company staff are qualified, highly skilled professionals with extensive international experience.


feedback about the engineering Guild

many Years of experience and understanding of the essence of the issues in combination with the use of modern technology allows you to perform complex tasks. For many years of the established system of personnel management and constant quality control. The use of electronic total stations and GPS receivers gives a sufficient accuracy and in the shortest time to implement the most ambitious projects. Since 2007 the company started to actively engage geodetic support of construction. Successful experience of cooperation with international companies (the German company "Hochtief", the Italian company "DANIELI", Turkish company Dogus-Alarko-YDA JV") have allowed the company to achieve the required for the most challenging conditions, the level of quality of work performed, to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of their performance.

Since 2011, we focus on surveying, bought all the necessary equipment.

2014 the main priority in connection with the change of government was the calculation of the volume of raw materials in warehouses and surveying support pits.


Leonid Mikhailovich Rozhkov:

"Next to my plot is a great pond which borders the possessions of my neighbors. Having met with the owners of neighboring properties, decided that this pond should benefit, and not to zerostate algae. However, on their own to cope with the task failed, because the bottom periodically come across the pit, and was required to make an estimate of future costs and plan of works. It became clear that without appealing to the experts we need. However, in our city, most companies do not provide such services. We opted for the company "Guild Engineering", because it was the best option to resolve our issue.

they came very quickly after I was able to talk with staff and to explain the problem. Which is very convenient, is the fact that all observations were done quickly, so I didn't have to lose a few days to monitor the process. Just a couple of days I got a call from the company and was told that all the documents are ready. In addition to the usual card, I was able to see three-dimensional picture of our pond. This option was very convenient because it gave us full and clear information. After discussing the issue with neighbors, now decided to order this company clean up the bottom. Very grateful for the work and hope for further cooperation!"

Kanareikin Ilya Vladimirovich:

"it was Necessary to perform geodetic and geological surveys on the territory of the future building. Almost all the companies in which I had to apply or does only one type of work, or set a date that I totally arranged. Have you started thinking about what would have to negotiate with two different entities. So when asked the company "Guild Engineering", we almost didn't believe it – it was just what I needed, though I'm not even hoping for this option!

I was pleasantly surprised by the range of services that they provide. I knew then I had again to look for surveyors who performed as-built survey during construction, etc. And then I realized that faced with professionals who can do everything I need. Geological and geodesic surveys were carried out quickly and efficiently, and therefore the building project turned out great! I think that further joint work will be the same successful. I want to thank you for the masterful research!"

Kochetkov Sergey:

"this year I finally decided to put on the border of its section of the fence, but there was a conflict with a neighbor. It long convinced me that the boundary goes in a completely different place. To persuade his words failed. So I had to look for a company that could help me to solve this problem. Asked around friends, found that I need to perform the removal of boundaries on the terrain. I was recommended to contact the company "Guild Engineering", because they really helped my friends to solve this serious matter.

I told the guys about my problem and asked me to help with this problem. They arrived a couple of days and immediately commenced the survey of the site. The wizard walked around the perimeter of the site, although with two sides already fenced. In the end, it turned out that was wrong and I, and neighbor – Meza appeared in a completely different place... as a result I was given all the necessary documents, and around the perimeter of the site established boundary marks. The neighbor then decided for themselves to carry out such a procedure, because the area practically does not fenced. Thanks to the staff of the company "Guild Engineering" for quality and quick work and for understanding!

Kolomoytsev Larisa Gennadievna:

“The surveyors had to go for the banal reason - endless disputes with neighbors in the area where the borders of land holdings. Each claimed that he was right, so I decided to consult the experts (so they set the exact boundaries. In the company "Guild Engineering" I was advised to contact my colleague, who is early resorted to the services of this company. I didn't even expect that the procedure will take so little time. The guys arrived on Saturday as I requested. Work at the site was conducted just a few hours. It turned out that the neighbors were wrong. Thank you very much team for the quality of work!”

Petruch Igor:

“To the guys already addressed earlier, when they built a country house. Their work was satisfied, so this time asked for help when he decided to buy the land. Wanted to check it is not too risky is it to build a cottage, and at the same time to test the boundaries of the site. As they say, trust but verify. Geologists and surveyors arrived at the agreed time, had all the necessary work - geological surveys for the construction and removal of land boundaries. Experts have confirmed that with the site I'm not lost: the geological conditions of the area are good, and the seller was honest about the boundaries of land allotment. In General, all were satisfied! Recommend!”

we Hope for fruitful cooperation!

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