What materials can have an aerial view of the road rozwiazac?

Designation and the variety of road junctions

the purpose of the interchanges is the increase in throughput, elimination of congestion, dispersal of traffic flows, the creation of additional facilities for the movement of machinery, elimination of crossings, moving in different directions. In complex interchanges can log roads, tunnels, bridges and overpasses.

Aerial motorways

a Variety of types of junctions is large enough. They can be traffic lights and bestie, different shapes in plan (partial deployment, ring, diamond and others) can have different number of levels. Aerial view of road junctions can be applied on all types of interchanges.

construction of the facility is a long process that may require various source of information

on average, the construction of the road junction takes from six months to two years. However, with the advent of the first development may take three or even 4 years. After approval of the project in a General form it is taken, the designers who will develop the project in detail. Creation of detailed design takes 4 to 6 months. And at all these stages the desired topographic maps. A topographic plan can be built as a result of the works - aerial view of road junctions.

Aerial photography is performed according to developed within all areas, which is necessary to create a plan, routes. Technology of the photographing area involves the overlapping of neighboring images. Aerial photography allows you to monitor the progress of construction, keep a diary of construction work planning.

the Use of aerial photography in the process of operation decision

operation Life built road junctions - not less than 50 years. During this time, may change the environmental situation and the state of the junction. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct aerial photography has reduced the cost and fast results. Aerial view of road junctions can be made at any time. For drones rain is not a hindrance.

Clear images obtained by photographing professional equipment to different heights, can serve as an excellent illustration of the state of isolation to date.

Aerial view of road junctions in the reconstruction

Although the road junction and designed with the growth of traffic in the future, over time, they become obsolete. Reconstruction of the interchange designed to bring it into line with the modern requirements. However, there are certain restrictions on the development of interchanges. The proximity of the building not allows you to develop isolated vertically upwards, and forces us to seek a solution that enables some direction to solve underground level. Sometimes the underground underpass is the only way to save the historic monument. Reconstruction cleverly interchanges involve the construction of directional ramps. Determine the location for the construction of the Congress, it is possible, by aerial photography.

Different materials obtained as a result of aerial survey, namely: ortophoto, vector maps, topographic maps of different scale, site plan, 3D model, photographs, video, can be useful to designers.

the company "Guild Engineering" is an aerial view of the road junctions. The use of professional models of drones, equipped with modern photographic equipment, ensures high quality of work.

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