Aerial photography and monitoring of quarries

Aerial photography is carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles for monitoring of surface mining. Its purpose is digital terrain model obtained with the help of technology jokanaan quarries and other mining facilities. This is a very detailed point cloud that are easy to make further changes. They exclude the human factor when carrying out field and laboratory work that affects the accuracy scanning of large areas and volumes of various breeds. For example, the study area 5 square kilometers, to create a ground survey, workers must work a month. Drone explores the subject about an hour, processing material lasts about 6 hours. Today, aerial photography and monitoring of the quarries is the most perfect and accurate method. He is detailed, efficient and rapid, is comparable to laser scanning, and eliminates the slightest distortion of information that greatly influence the quality of work, and most importantly - their safety.

Aerial photography and monitoring of quarries

How is the imaging and monitoring of quarries?

On the earth's surface at specific points in the ground set markers, which will be reference points for jokanaan. Selection of points is done in problem areas at the edges of the quarry and its cut. The drone from the air scanning the area and special 3D programs mathematical by using the point clouds made the conversion. The orthophoto is performed at right angles to the surface of the earth. This gives a flat view with aspect ratio and scale. The orthophoto – based inventory, and other plans. As the development of the breed aerial photography is repeated and the data is changing. The single series in the amount of several hundred photographs, creates a vivid and detailed picture of a single fotoplan needed for a realistic assessment of the area.

What tasks does aerial photography and monitoring of quarries?

the Extraction of minerals by open method requires a continuous data acquisition on sizing and quarries for planning and accounting of production of rocks.

using aerial photography to monitor quarries the following tasks :

  • reflects the constant changes of terrain in the development of quarries;
  • creates a digital 3D model of the quarry, sections and profiles;
  • are composed of digital topographic maps of different scales;
  • based on point cloud generated diagrams, and other visual materials;
  • the analysis of the slopes of the deformations and displacements of rocks during execution of mining works;
  • determined the exact amount of produced rocks;
  • evaluate the impact on the environment;
  • identify sustainable methods of management of assets and equipment;
  • the issues of safety both in the career and in his ustashis, shift camps.

  • increases the efficiency and economic feasibility of the quarry development.

Aerial view of quarries allows us to identify the most dangerous areas of open cast mining, and prevent the spoil heap. You need to consider that career often have considerable length and depth, which should really only be assessed from the height of bird flight. They are filled with water slide and crumble. The degree of the hazard and its prevention can be identified through the compilation of the orthophoto. When developing career formed pile from which the leached valuable breed. To develop the division into piles, and to evaluate the degree of leaching of mined rocks it is possible only with the help of aerial photography.

LLC "Guild Engineering" performs aerial photography and monitoring of quarries for the operative decision of problems in the scanning area efficiently and on time.

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