Aerial photography field

Planning to take the order for the supply of agricultural products, the farmer (and possibly the tenant) must know that they will cope with the task. As a rule, in such cases, a business plan. Considering the success factors, entrepreneur predictions. One of the sections of the projections are limitations. Then he and need to know the exact information:

  • how many hectares of fields cultivated it has;
  • what is the area of pastures; - how much acreage of hayfields;

  • what quantities are vacant lots;
  • which is projected to harvest. Details on the exact fields, farmland and uncultivated land can give aerial photography field.

Aerial photography field

If the fields already planted, for a more accurate forecast of the crop to better monitor the condition of the plants. Here comes the multispectral survey. It will show areas of good and bad shoots, will let you know the nitrogen content in soil and leaves of vegetation, to calculate the indexes of humid, vegetation and leaf surface. The results of this airborne survey it is easier to calculate yields, as well in visible areas of different blogopedia.

As is done in the modern world an aerial view of the fields?

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Aerial photography called photographing the site from a height (from the air). The photo is taken with a special camera installed on the aircraft. To capture the image, plan the route in such a way that the images were covered with all the shooting area and they overlap each other.

To recap, the fields are beginning to use unmanned aerial vehicles - drones-or their kind - quadcopters (from the word "Quad" is four, since this kind, built on the principle of the helicopter generally has four screws).

the drone is installed photographic equipment that allows you to make high-quality photographs. The drone flies around the territory, at the same time surveying. Aerial photography using a drone is executed with the height of several hundred meters. The benefits of drones before flying a more powerful appliances are less the cost of work performed and the fact that drones flying at a low altitude, unable to take the photos even with the clouds.

Methods of photogrammetry the resulting photographs are stitched together. The exterior orientation parameters (points whose coordinates are determined by geodetic methods) allow us to construct a topographic plan.

According to aerial photography it is possible to build the orthophoto. The orthophoto is constructed by the method of differential artifactrepository. The orthophoto has a precise geodetic support. It applied vector layers, fields, roads, water bodies, etc. It is easy to determine the area of various sections.

someone to enter into a contract for execution of works?

the Entrepreneur, most likely, will be unprofitable to buy expensive professional drone and the software to it. In this case, he can enter into a contract with the firm of “the Guild of Engineering" for permanent or one-time service.

Professionals of the company will be held on aerial photography field and the customer will receive a topographic map, orthophoto and any other information that will interest him. Qualified specialists will calculate the arable fields and other land; provide maps showing the germination of plants and places of crop loss due to diseases, will conduct monitoring of agricultural production.

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