Aerial view of the difficult parts of lines

the Factors, allowing to classify the plot lines as complex

factors that hinder the maintenance of power lines, you can specify the following:

    difficult conditions (dense urban fabric);

  • quick overgrown areas;
  • frequent manifestation of adverse metaoffline in the area;
  • complex relief of the area;
  • heavy cross.

an aerial view of the complex areas of LEP

the Rules of operation of the transmission line provide for their inspection to assess condition. The difficult part of these operations are sometimes complicated by the possibility of free access, especially in adverse weather. Comes to the aid of aerial photography. In recent years aerial photography difficult areas of power transmission lines is performed with unmanned aerial vehicles. The mobility of UAVs, the ability to adjust the flight if necessary, more detailed inspection of any places, fast results and low cost of the work contribute to their wide application.

Experts from the company "Guild Engineering" has adopted a new methodology and offer aerial photography in difficult areas of power transmission lines. Drones at the disposal of the company, are models designed for professional use. They are equipped with photographic equipment, which provides high-resolution images.

What are the parameters of transmission lines can be monitored using aerial

Drones have the opportunity to get closer to the surveyed objects. Pictures taken by a professional camera from a close distance, provide the opportunity to see the smallest details. An aerial view of the difficult parts of the transmission line can be performed for the following purposes:

  1. Establishing the precise coordinates of the transmission towers.
  2. to check the compliance of the width of the guard and sanitary protection zones established norms.
  3. Definition of boom SAG and dimensions of the wires.
  4. detecting the presence of foreign objects on the power lines.
  5. examination of the condition of the insulators.

in emergency situations, the aerial view allows you to quickly find the cause of the accident. Using the plans, a panoramic and detailed photos, you can quickly make a plan of liquidation of the accident.


Monitoring difficult areas transmission line

Monitoring, which is a continuous monitoring site with information analysis, is a reliable means of maintaining power lines in good condition. The data coming properly recorded, making it possible to observe, there has been a process in development.

an aerial view of the difficult parts of the transmission line is performed with a predetermined frequency. If necessary (and to do timely conclusions about the possible adverse development of the situation allows the monitoring) are assigned additional missions of the apparatus to the track.

Materials that can get the customer who ordered the aerial photographs of difficult areas of power transmission lines

the Result of processing images obtained from a height, are topographic maps, orthophotos and three dimensional models. When laying new lines within difficult areas, these materials serve as a source of necessary information for completion of the course. Also the customer is provided with list of coordinates of supports, tables of the calculated values of the arrows of SAG of wires and dimensions, as well as photos of the insulators.

During the execution of the flight can be conducted videography. An aerial view of the difficult parts of the transmission line, a source of accurate and reliable data.

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