the act establishing the boundaries of the land

Disputes between neighbours is an eternal phenomenon that cannot serenity for many centuries. Most disputes arise from surveying areas. Everyone wants to have in his possession a larger piece of land. And sometimes people use the site a lot of years not knowing that part of it is behind the fence of a neighbor who does not have it right. The truth is only set when the owner begins to collect documents, to properly formalize rights to land, register it in the inventory. Then and interesting details emerge inconsistencies boundaries that should be and those that are marked with fences.

the act establishing the boundaries of the land

to clarify neighbor's war may be the procedure of establishing the boundaries of the land and the Act that is made on the results of its implementation. Settings made in this Act, must be approved by the owner and all the neighbors with adjacent parcels. In practice, however, it so happens that some of the neighbors refuse to sign the Act even after witnessed the procedure. Such cases can only be solved in the courtroom.

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But in most situations, the act establishing the boundaries of the land is a decisive argument in the ranks of which are controversial situation. And precedes this document same procedure.

the Establishment of land boundaries is to identify the parameters of the territory on the ground in the field. The main parameter that is set during the procedure, the location of turning points. The border of the land is necessary not only to define but also to consolidate the boundary marks for each of these turning points.

This procedure our company holds several successive stages. As soon as the customer turns to us for help in establishing the boundaries of the territory, the preparatory phase. On this piece of work information is collected on the study area, studied maps and topographic and geodetic information.

the Second phase consists of field geodetic works of nature and land management. They are held at the site. By shooting using total stations and satellite navigation systems are set for information regarding parameters of the territory. If necessary, the key points are fixed boundary marks. In the third stage, the obtained data is processed, on the basis of the necessary documents are organized. The most important is the act establishing the boundaries of the land. If imposed in the nature of boundary marks, you need to make another document – the Act of acceptance-transmission of landmarks for storage. If marks were lost, damaged, displaced, will again carry out the procedure of defining the boundaries.

As with any surveying procedure, this work provides mandatory’askofu a graphical component. At the time of writing, besides the data of the text character is the location of the site, its address and settings, you must do yet and a graphic site with all sizes. Typically, this drawing is on the reverse side of the document.

This act is considered an important document of land management. Without the execution of any works at the site impossible – you will not be able to sell, lease or donate. Even in the construction of these data will be useful. The exact boundaries of the site, it is important to know the developer to comply with all necessary building codes when planting design for the site.

And although the procedure of establishing the boundaries of the land at first glance is a simple but it is very relevant and important. It reflects the precision, to ensure that our specialists.

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