Coordination with GlavAPU tablets Patitucci scale 1:500

Topographic mapping from KP Architectural Bureau, consistent with the Architecture of Dnipropetrovsk region, stamp SUITABLE for making planning design decisions from the Department of Architecture of Dnipropetrovsk region

p>Architecture of the Dnipropetrovsk district CT. Architectural Bureau Of Dnepropetrovsk. Main Department of architecture. Coordination with the Central architectural and tablets Paciotti m 1:500. Copies of the site plan The company "Guild Engineering actively cooperates with the Architecture of Dnipropetrovsk region, located at Dnepropetrovsk region: Address: village Jubilee, street Frunze, D. 18. The contract for right of replenishment district of tablets.
Full list of settlements of the Dnepropetrovsk region Dnipropetrovsk region
the village of Aleksandrovka the village Bulovka the village blagoveshenka the village of Brotherly the village Vasilevka the village Grape Volos'ka village the village of Gorky the village Granovskii the village Dneprovoi the village Dolinsky village Dear village Research village Green guy the village Zvonarka on the Dnieper village Zvonetsky farm the village of dawn the village of Kamenka the village Kirov the village of Lyubimovka the village of mayevka the village of Mallorca the village of Nikolaevka the village Novoaleksandrovka village New village towns Novonikolaevsk the village of Ordzhonikidze the village Guerrilla the village Paschen Beam the village Peremoga the village Pershe Travnya city Podgornoye the village Pridneprovskoe the village Rakshivka the village Sauvca the village of Old Kodak the village Stepovaya (Stepanski village Council) the village Stepovaya (Stepova village Council) the village Surskoe the village'ko-Klevtsova the village'ko-Lithuanian the village of red Zadok the village of Chuvilin the village Chumakov the village of Shevchenko the village Jubilee (Jubilee) the village Ambuhl
Tablets are implemented on the Dacron in the coordinate system SC:63, the system of the Baltic heights. This amount includes: for the specified application on the desired address or coordinates to take the tablet with the latest information (conceived in elaborazioni backwoods area available), with the latest data, to arrive at the measurement site to perform field surveying work to replenish topoplan (this is the purpose of the payment receipt with the architecture) to be refilled polyester, with two copies on paper to obtain copies from the site plan, scale 1:2000 tablet with a SUITABLE seal.

Architecture of the Dnipropetrovsk district CT. Architectural Bureau Of Dnepropetrovsk.

On the topographic plans scale 1:500 with the required accuracy and detail accurately represent:

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  • information on framework design of the map (legend);
  • information about mathematics (surveying) the basis and frame (resgrape);
  • assessment of relief. These points at any time to check the catalog coordinates;
  • characteristics of conventional signs of buildings and structures. Properties are plotted on the contours of the ground. Show all architectural appearances of the object.
  • display the prom. facilities, buildings, structures, various factories, mines, quarries, peat and more; the utilities. When planning at the scale of 1/5000 or 1/2000 areas that are undeveloped contain information about trunk located underground oil pipelines, gas pipelines and water pipelines. On topographic plans that are executed in the scale of 1/1000 or 1/500 display all underground services. They are displayed using as-built documentation.
  • geleznodorognoe canvas, highways, and structures that are found on them - this can be bridges, crossings, and more.
  • hydrography. The shoreline shown on the real situation at the time of the shooting or in low water.
    objects that have the value of hydraulic. These include various sluices, canals, dams, marinas, etc.
  • water - wells, natural springs, speakers, and much more
  •  Coordination with the Central architectural and tablets Paciotti m 1:500. Copies of the site plan

    it is possible to order the copy with topographic site plan scale 1:2000, and tablets 1:500 any size

  • the terrain and the situation of the area;
  • different vegetation (e.g. forests, plantations, planting, meadows, and more).
  • characterization of soil and microforms of the earth's surface;
  • the state border, the border relating to political, administrative, security and natural areas of land use, various kinds of fencing. State border and the border is applied on the coordinates of the turning point.




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