Banks are ordered geodesy and Geology

Bank branches are now found throughout the country even in the smallest towns. Today, almost everyone receives a salary or other payments for debit card and credit or exchange transactions take place only through the banking Department. But the most common reason for visiting the Bank is paying for the utilities. And although today, many banks are actively positioning their online applications that simplify the work with customers, visiting the branch for many remains relevant and necessary. Therefore, banks tend to build their offices, increasing their number in different regions.

Banks asked us to geodesy and Geology

Bank buildings, as a rule, do not differ to a great extent. If we are not talking about large Central offices. However, for such small spaces, especially if they are being constructed from scratch, an important Geology and geodesy for the banking sectors. Perhaps for the construction of the Bank does not require such a large set of geodetic and geological tests, for large residential or entertainment complex. But there are a number of procedures that are most often applicable to the buildings of this particular destination.

Geology for banking sectors involves a standard set of procedures. It is needed especially in those localities where the terrain is not too studied. That building eventually came into disrepair, was destroyed, to undertake basic geological analysis is necessary. Standard Geology for the banking sector consists of drilling several wells and a fence out of ground material. The depth and number of wells depends on the size of the future building. It is also advisable to perform and hydrology.

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However more often for Bank buildings is used geodesy for the banking sectors. It also helps to examine the wound a little researched area. Necessarily carried out topographic survey. It is needed both when designing new construction and for renewal of leases. Often banks are not built on taken land. To come area for rent. Topographic mapping in this case is held at the conclusion of the first contract and at each renewal.

Other service related to geodesy, which is applicable to Bank buildings is the removal of boundaries in nature. The removal of borders is of special geodetic instrument, ensuring full accuracy up to two centimeters. Therefore, the territory which is planned to be given at a Bank, will correspond to the declared sizes. And this is important when buying land to build or rental.  

If the banking company decided to build a new branch from scratch, I need a full, comprehensive study of the site. Be ordered to do geological and topographical survey in the aggregate. Only the sum of these indicators will allow to plan the work, to make a competent and reliable project to build a Department that will perform its function for many years. Even if the Bank decides to close this branch, a building with regulated documents, you can always rent.

the Company "Guild Engineering" not the first year cooperates with the banks. To our pride, these banking corporations on everyone's lips and are some of the most popular in our country. We performed complexes of Geology and geodesy for the banking sectors for such banking giants as "Privat", "UkrSibbank", "Ukrsotsbank", "Pivdenny". We are proud that we as partners for geodetic surveys chose these companies. Because banks differ in their ability to value time and money, and we fully met their expectations in terms of quality and efficiency.

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