Areas of application of aerial photography for agrarian business

The use of small-scale aviation in agriculture can not be called an innovation. For several decades, aircraft have made tangible benefits to the field. However, their use for many years was limited only to the cultivation of crops by means of plant protection against insects and weeds. An example of aerial photography for agribusiness has come to the service of farmers relatively recently.

Areas of application of aerial photography for agrarian business.

Aerospace Based Aeronautical Service for Agribusiness

Technical achievements in the field of development of unmanned aerial vehicles, the invention of reliable equipment for the automatic conducting of photo and video shooting from the air made aerial photography available to rural producers. Today, successful farmers make decisions using the collected shootings and the results of analytical processing of aerial photographs. The capabilities of the UAVs provide farmers with various services:

  • aerial photography for orthophotomaps and electronic maps;
  • inventory of agricultural land, calculation of actual area of ​​arable land, hayfield, pasture;
  • multispectral aerial photography, which allows you to determine: the level of concentration in soil and plants of nitrogenous substances, to control the state of crops, to forecast the crop; find vegetation indices, humidity, leaf surface;
  • Early definition of the risk of water erosion fields
  • remote monitoring of field work;
  • protection against unauthorized access to the treated area of ​​animals and strangers
  • monitoring the movement and use of agricultural machinery;
  • plowing quality control
  • monitoring the operation of the irrigation system
  • Environmental monitoring of the territory.

What is the electronic mapping of land?

Aerial photography for electronic mapping is usually the first step on the way to a farming system called precision agriculture. Having got an electronic map of agrarian land, having mastered the use of special software, farmers, managers and specialists in the field of agribusiness have the opportunity to deal with current management tasks more effectively than before:

  1. Flow crop rotation planning and maintenance.
  2. Tracking the status of different areas of the farm
  3. Ensuring cost-effective transportation of goods (products, crop material, fertilizers, insecticides, etc.).
  4. Analysis of agronomic indices of arable land.
  5. Building Models for Agrarian Processes

Already many farms located in different regions of Ukraine can serve as an example of the fact that the construction and regular updating, through aerial photography, electronic maps of the land allows:

  • reduce the cost of fuel and lubricants for road transport and agricultural processing operations;
  • Exactly calculate the costs of seed materials;
  • Increase the accuracy of the dose determination of fertilizers and protective chemicals.

Obtaining Agronomic Data Through Aerial Photography

Aerial photography for agribusiness is not limited to geodetic works that provide the construction of high-precision maps. Modern cameras that allow aerial photography in various spectrum ranges can provide farmers and other very important information for them. For example, determining the content of soil and processed nitrogen cultures, carried out by multispectral aerial photography, will provide the customer with the necessary information many times faster than would be possible with the traditional method of sampling point samples and further study them in a special agrochemical laboratory. In addition, aerial photography gives a more complete and accurate picture of the situation, as it excludes the presence of unexplored areas. Multi-spectral photographs allow specialists:

  • calculate agronomic crop rates that affect the calculation of the optimal fertilizer dose;
  • carry out continuous monitoring of ripening of the crop (sowing density of the field, percentage of seed similarity, quality of stairs);
  • detect areas affected by phytopathogenic, harmful plants requiring immediate quarantine measures;
  • predict yields.

The use of aerial photography for agribusiness contributes to improving the rational use of land resources, agrochemicals, leads to increased yields and naturally increases the profitability of farms and large agricultural enterprises. The exact calculation of the application of pesticides and herbicides provides minimal damage to the environment. The Guild Engineering company has a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, fully equipped with instruments for comprehensive field studies. Aerial photography services are available to farmers in virtually any region of the country.

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