Photo-monitoring field. Or how to become a successful farmer

the Expected yield and the actual seldom coincide. While farmers can't influence the weather, they can introduce such innovations as the photography of the land drones (drones). Landowners argue that photography reduces the difference in yield to 25%, while the cost of shooting does not exceed one percent of the total cost. Now it is necessary to understand what photography land and what are its positive aspects.

What is photography

Photography is the method of regularly documenting and determining visual changes in the landscape using images of the same area. So, photography allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of land use in each case.

photo-monitoring field.

the Advantages of shooting

  • Thanks to the photography to identify issues in oroshenie to soil variability and even fungal growth on plants
  • Spectral data obtained during photography, highlight areas with "unhealthy" plants
  • Photography detects the eutrophication of the coastal zones of green vegetation
  • often When taking a picture, quite possible to create animations that show how the crop and shows the problem areas
  • With the help of photography to create maps to establish the exact area of cultivated land, cost of fertilizers and seeds
  • Photography gives you the opportunity to observe the vegetation index
  • According to the results of photography you can take an inventory of land, building elevation map, identify the watercourses and to control the process of soil erosion

  • By photographing the actual size of the plot measured with high accuracy
  • Equipment to take photographs relatively inexpensive and technically simple
  • Materials of photography provide an opportunity to make collective decisions at a distance
  • Information on photography and their interpretation it is convenient to present at business meetings, meetings and conferences
  • Data for photography is easily integrated with GIS products such as Google Earth or ArcGIS

Why photography with us – guaranteed success

  • For photography, we use only high-precision equipment and advanced software
  • Our specialists carry out the photographing in a short time, picking up with the days with favorable weather conditions

  • Experts of our enterprise have a wide experience of shooting in even the most remote corners of Ukraine
  • Detail of the photography is much better than the services that are available for use from Yandex.maps and Google.maps

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