The Geology of the site - what can not save?

Currently, no single significant object is not being built without studying Geology. There's a simple explanation: a study of the Geology allows you to save Your money and nerves, as well as simplifies the work of designers. Now it is necessary to understand how the Geology and why is mastered Geology - the key to long-term operation of any facilities.

Geology and geological engineering

Geology is a very big science, so the subject of construction often uses the term "engineering Geology". This is done in order to recognize the Geology of the construction areas from Geology mineral resources, historical Geology, and so on. In turn, engineering Geology is inextricably linked to the performance of engineering-geological surveys.

Geological engineering is the process of obtaining and processing data required for further design. This involves not only the study of soils, but a deep study of underground waters, landscape features and environmental conditions of the site.

The Geology of the area

How does the neglect of Geology

Saying "miser pays twice" absolutely works and Geology. Insufficiently analyzed the natural conditions can affect Your building in the first months of use and they may be:

  • Cracks in walls and Foundation
  • The offset bearing structures
  • Breaks in communication systems
  • The flooding of the basement

What Geology calls the intensification of these adverse processes. Do not think that the appearance of traces of destruction - a simple coincidence.

Why no study of Geology can be taken for designing

  • Without Geology and speech cannot be about laying the Foundation. Its depth and type are determined only on the basis of research results.
  • Dimensions of load-bearing structures are selected also taking into account the Geology of the site. Can't trust developers who ignore Geology. Such decisions lead to unnecessary waste of funds, or the gradual destruction of these structures
  • Construction work and operation of Your facility can negatively affect neighboring buildings
  • Preliminary identification of karst processes, flooding, potential landslides, frost heave of soils is possible only through the study of Geology
  • Without a thorough study of the Geology of the site, it is impossible to make a forecast of changes of natural conditions in the future

Entrusting the study of the Geology of our engineers, You will learn about the careless construction

Geology often presents "surprises", but not for our experts. We study Geology on a specially developed technology, we use only the latest equipment and always find optimal solutions. Also note that the study of Geology, we carry out regardless of the weather conditions and weekends.

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