The feasibility of engineering-geological surveys

What is studying engineering Geology of soils

Conditions of the area depend on the geological structure and determine the design solutions during construction and other engineering activities, called engineering Geology. Interested in engineering Geology of soils. Engineering geological conditions determine what kind of training subgrade must be made before the start of construction, and what the Foundation will be effective for the intended construction. Engineering Geology studies:

  1. That represents land in geomorphological terms.
  2. What are the mechanical properties and structure is characteristic of the soils composing the site.
  3. the depth that overlie the groundwater, whether the pressure, if aggressive towards construction materials.
  4. are There any off-site risk to planned engineering activities and geological processes.

These questions are answered by a technical report, which is compiled on the basis of engineering geological investigations.

the Feasibility of engineering-geological surveys

What is the feasibility of engineering geological work?

the Practice of building long proved not only the feasibility, but also the need for engineering geological work. The erection of buildings without prior study of engineering geological conditions of the territory leads to the emergence of a number of serious engineering problems. These include:

  1. instability of the Foundation and, consequently, all engineering structures, causing distortions of the crack;
  2. flooding groundwater construction pits, cellars and basement of the building pads underground engineering communications;
  3. destructive influence (due to the weakening of the soil) on neighbouring engineering works.

Some engineering and geological work is carried out to study the construction characteristics of soils

the Study of engineering Geology of soils is produced by various methods, which has developed quite a lot. Based on the purpose of certain engineering geological surveys, they are divided into two main types:

  • engineering geological survey;
  • engineering geological exploration.

Work on engineering geological mapping carried out at the very first stage of preparation for the engineering development of the territory. When you want to find out the structure of the soils over a large area and to make engineering geological map. At a later stage of design, when you already have the ability to inform the geologists planned the size and characteristics of specific construction projects, commence geological exploration, conducted within the limits of their contours. During engineering geological surveys are used (and at the same time to be advised) materials previously run on the site engineering geological survey.

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