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Before you begin any kind of construction necessary to carry out a complex of works aimed at obtaining data on the area of work and about everything that surrounds it. For this is the surveying is one of the main types of surveying.

Almost every site on which you are shooting, mastered, with a developed system of communications and a large number of natural and artificial objects. It is not surprising that surveying the land is everywhere common service.

What is a topographic survey

Topographic survey – a set of works, the results of which get the important information from a certain area – distances, angles, terrain and infrastructure. Based on data from the survey of the area formed a topographic plan. The detail of the survey and the scale of the plan depend on the tasks.


Which displays a topographic survey

All information about the shooting is applied to the plan, which are recorded

  • Natural features – lakes, rivers, beams, green spaces
  • man-made structures – roads, bridges, trails, utility lines, residential and non-residential premises
  • Information about the boundaries of the site, the type of vegetation and soil

Types of topographic

  • Topographic survey 1:200 (landscape mode)

Typically, such a survey done by a landscape design. A relatively large scale makes it possible to display even a tree. The main function of such a plan – readability of all features of the site.

  • Topographic mapping 1:500

Survey for plan scale 1:500 – more popular. Used to create cards, adjustments, General plans, cadastral registration, the preparation of the urban plan, to obtain permission for construction (including high rise), carrying out overhead and underground communications systems.

Why it is impossible to do without surveying

  • Topographic survey is the basis for further building, and without it they do not begin the design stage
  • Errors when shooting can significantly complicate the workflow. A few meters error object depends on another or is outside the area
  • the Survey helps to solve issues in the design of the site
  • the Survey will provide estimates of the size of Your plot with the greatest precision
  • Carrying out communications is impossible without performing a topographic survey

the advantages of taking a picture of our team

  • Solid experience and high qualification of engineers allow scanning in the shortest time possible
  • the survey we provide the materials to create the master plan
  • For photography we use high-precision equipment that makes it possible to avoid the slightest of errors
  • We will respect Your wishes and will develop a custom project

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