Drilling on water - development of production wells

Do you want to no longer depend on the central water supply? Do you want to spend no more fabulous money for paying for utilities? And yet - be sure that the water will always be, regardless of the mood of the water channel? The solution is: drilling wells for water - the price of calmness and confidence in the future.

  • Drilling wells for water is a reasonable solution that is guaranteed to provide comfort, convenience and confidence in the future.
  • Drilling water wells is the minimum investment today and savings for the rest of your life.
  • Drilling wells for water is not only a contribution to the future economic well-being, it is also a contribution to one's own health.

Everyone knows that the water from the aqueduct is thoroughly impregnated with the remains of chlorine, putrefactive bacteria, which for decades developed old pipes. OOO & quot; Guild Engineering & quot; is ready to provide the highest quality services for drilling wells for water, and in case of need - even take over the work with documents permitting the operation of the well.

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In order to drill a production well into the water, first you need to determine the depth of the aquifer in this particular area. To do this, either conduct a radar scan of the ground, or build exploration wells. The second option is more reliable, because with the help of exploratory wells it is possible not only to determine whether there is water in a given area, but so whether this water is suitable for so-called kitchen purposes. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that not in every territory water is suitable for drinking purposes without additional filtration.

By the way, even if there is no water corresponding to sanitary and hygienic norms on the site, additional filtration can be used. So, before starting to develop a production well for hydro production, you need to determine the depth of the aquifer.

If an aquifer suitable for human consumption is found at a depth of more than 20 m, it may be necessary to obtain a permit to drill a well using modern Ukrainian legislation. In addition, the drilling of wells to a depth of 20 m or more can be fraught with risks of violation of environmental standards, therefore, in this matter, it is necessary to rely only on the services of qualified specialists.

Drilling artesian wells. Questions and Answers

The extraction of artesian water from artesian wells (wells with a depth of more than 50 meters) is possible only if it is proved that there is no alternative source of water. & nbsp; In this case, if the extraction of water from an artesian well is carried out for personal purposes, then it is not necessary to pay taxes. If artesian water is extracted not only for personal purposes, but also in commercial, in that case, you will have to pay for the operation of the artesian well to the state, listing the finances in the form of taxes.

Now it's time to tell why water from an artesian well is considered as useful. Geologists distinguish three aquifers, the latter - artesian water.

Artesian water is always limited by clay and rocky layers, which block the ingress of groundwater and rain drains into the bowels of the source. Artesian well is pure natural water, which originated in the heart of the Earth and was not subject to anthropogenic influence. Organic compounds did not decompose in it, other harmful substances did not enter there. Rain water does not leak into it, which is why the artesian well is considered crystal clear and the water from it is very healthy.

Types of drilling wells

The method of drilling a well is selected depending on the soil. Most often, the screw method is relevant. The auger is a type of drill in which, by the canning method, a wound steel strip that throws out unnecessary earth to the surface. The auger is the fastest method of drilling, but it does not work if there are solid inclusions in the earth, and the auger is not relevant if a thick layer of clay is found in the ground.

In any case, the method of drilling a well is selected after a detailed study of the structure of the soil by experienced engineers.

If there are rocky inclusions, the rotor method is most often used. With this method, the rock is crushed by a bit. Rotary method is effective even in granite or limestone soils.

Warning: It is not recommended to drill a well at a distance of less than 3 meters from a dwelling or other structure. Otherwise, the foundation of the structure may be violated.
Attention! The final price for drilling a well will depend on the drilling method used, the type of soil, the pipe material for the well, and the type of filter used.

Company LLC "Guild Engineering"; conducts drilling of wells on a turn-key basis, also under your order we can bring water from your well directly to the house. The full range of services includes the possibility of installing a pump, arranging an artesian well with a depth of more than 100 meters. All stages of the work will be discussed in detail with the customer, a detailed pricelist of prices will be drawn up during the negotiations.

We are responsible for the quality and transparency of our work, our customers always understand all the costly articles for any order form. For further consultations, you can contact us at the above number, write to the e-mail address or leave a request for feedback, after which our consultant manager will contact you as soon as possible.

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