Drilling operations

Conduct geological surveys on the land plot intended for construction, is impossible without drilling. However, conduct can only experts with relevant expertise and with the help of specialized equipment. It should be noted that at each site the soils are different and heterogeneous, and drilling operations are required to obtain a sufficient number of soil samples.

Drilling operation − a universal method of qualitative research of soil

to determine the number of wells needed for the most complete and reliable data can help professional geologists-engineers  LLC "Guild Engineering". Also, an important depth and diameter of wells, which also determine the specialists on the basis of normative documents, and after conducting preliminary studies: collection and processing of materials of the geological surveys of previous years, reconnaissance surveys, and topographic surveys. The final price survey geologists largely depends on the complexity of drilling.

Drilling activity: the basis of research

Every developer wants to quickly finish the preliminary stages and start directly the construction of the facility. However, the period of performance of geological activities depends on drilling operations, which are considered to be the most time-consuming and quite expensive type of research with these tests. But at the same time, drilling operations − accurate and efficient method of obtaining information about the soils at the site:

  • physical and mechanical properties;
  • chemical composition;
  • the geological structure;

  • hydrogeological conditions.

These data help to study the natural basis of the projected objects, to make an accurate forecast of their possible changes during dynamic impact of an object and the maximum to choose the right materials for the Foundation.

drilling operations

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Drilling operations to survey, it is possible to realize completely different conditions: in the waters, mountains and deserts, on land and in swampy areas. The wells are of different diameters and at any required depth. Often drilling is done manually (using the large drilling equipment). Sometimes, dependent on the goals of engineering-geological surveys and drilling work is performed with portable machines or by hand. Most often these methods of drilling used in the basement or in dense areas where there is no possibility of the passage of large equipment.

in addition to drilling, construction of wells required further perform the following:

  • plan for the area;
  • installation and dismantling of equipment;
  • preparation wash agent;
  • dip the casing;
  • remove hardware.

In the course of these events is taken a large number of soil samples, which subsequently thoroughly investigated by geologists in a specialized laboratory. It is at this stage of research is determined by the bearing capacity of soils.


When it is necessary to conduct drilling operations?

Drilling operations at the works engineering geologists are required on any construction site, regardless of whether to build a new building or carried out renovation activities of the already constructed object. Also, drilling is necessary in the restoration of buildings and to study the base of the Foundation. To make an order for carrying out engineering-geological surveys, you can call by phones specified on the website. Modern drilling equipment and other necessary for the drilling equipment, will allow us to do all the work in the shortest possible time. And affordable price and the professionalism of the staff of the company "Guild Engineering" is sure to delight.

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