Purpose of the detailed plan

the purpose of the detailed plan may be different. First of all you should understand what it is. A detailed site plan is a document that shows the specific plan site specific settlement.

Purpose of the detailed plan

a Detailed plan of the territory may be displayed:

  • the territory or several territories outside of the city or other locality that have a specific purpose. Such areas include recreation, recreational, resort, industrial, suburban, etc.;
  • the area outside the settlements, for the erection of buildings or structures;
  • structural-planning elements placed in a certain area.
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Any detailed plan of the territory is developed on the basis of the approved master plans, planning documentation according to the current legislation. To develop this kind of documentation used urban planning and cadastral documentation.

as for the notion of the goal of a detailed plan, they can be very different. Such a plan may need to be able to consider a specific locality on a larger scale than on the General plan. A detailed site plan may need to define:

  • the functional purpose of the land certain land outside of the settlement, which is planned construction of buildings or structures;
  • all possible limitations in the use of the land;
  • sequence reconstruction of buildings
  • the need for the construction of enterprises and institutions, with a focus on service, as well as determining their location;
  • direction and consistency, and volume of activities aimed at:
    • use of underground space;
    • landscaping and creation of green areas;
    • environmental protection and improvement;
    • the organisation of transport and pedestrian movement. These include the creation of Bicycle paths, sidewalks, Parking spaces
    • creation of engineering and transport infrastructure, etc.

the Purpose of the detailed plan can be expressed in the specification on a larger scale of provisions shown in the General plan of the settlements and the planning scheme of the territory. Also in the development of the detailed plan needed in the formation of principles of planning organization of land, with the refinement of the purpose for the territory with the identification and clarification of natural resources has the territory, to apply them in different activities.

a Detailed plan for areas and neighborhoods of certain settlements consists of graphic and text materials that are developed with all relevant norms and requirements according to the technical assignment for the development of this plan.

When developing a detailed plan take into account the investment intent regarding the construction of the implementation period 3 - 7 years. If in the General plan you have made any changes that relate to the area shown on the detailed plan, developing a project regarding changes to this document. Changes are made after the project has been coordinated and approved. He becomes an integral part of the detailed plan.

If the composition of urban planning documentation there is a secret and proprietary information, materials with such data develop individual drawings in the prescribed manner.

Approved detailed plan allows you to define the source data for:

  • draft land use regarding landscaping
  • the development of projects of land acquisition;
  • the design of the cleaning and sanitation
  • project development of engineering networks and facilities;
  • development of transport infrastructure projects;
  • the development of projects of buildings and structures for various purposes;
  • projects development of building areas, neighborhoods
  • develop and Refine urban conditions and restrictions;
  • conduct urban settlements in case the planned investment in the construction of the object.

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