The cost of topogeodesic work on the removal of the boundaries of the site

Geodetic surveys are an integral part of construction work. Their purpose is to study the terrain, the location and characteristics of the already constructed neighboring buildings and structures, to obtain topographic and geodetic data of the designed terrain. All these tasks are part of the land management work. One of the important operations on land management is topographical and geodetic work on the removal of land in nature. By this means the definition and specification of the boundaries of the object, the establishment of geographic state coordinates of the turning points of the border on the terrain and their fixation in nature by the boundary marks. There are several objective reasons why you need to determine the boundaries of your possession or you decide to put a fence. This happens when buying a plot of land for a new building, establishing old boundary boundaries between neighboring plots, if you inherited a plot of land and want to know its area and limits. In order to avoid misunderstandings and claims from neighbors, you could make a gift or testament to your heirs so that they subsequently did not have problems with the boundaries of their private possessions and could transfer a family estate with full right of ownership from one family to another. There is a need to get the coordinates of the site, in determining its area and as a result of geodetic work on the removal of the site, you will receive a document where your land plot will be legalized in the land management cadastre in kind in the locality. A potential buyer of the land is also interested in knowing the boundary boundaries of its object, its area and geographic location. In most cases, the land plots have a rectangular or square shape, i.e. Have 4 turning points. But it happens that the perimeter of the plot has a contour of irregular shape and the number of turning points reaches 10.

The price of removal of the site

The process of removing the site does not take much time, but has its own specific stages:

  1. At the first stage of the work such tasks as obtaining a number from the state cadastre of the given land plot are solved, according to which the land allotment exists in the list;
  2. The field stage includes topogeodesic research in the given territory with the purpose of solving the tasks of carrying out the site on the terrain. The cycle of geodetic work includes the determination of the coordinates of turning points, the calculation of the area of the object;
  3. In the office period, field data are processed in computer software of the newest technologies. Mapping schemes of your land plot are drawn up and all the data on the plot are drawn up in graphic and written form;
  4. At the last stage, the land business is formed, where all the justified quantitative parameters are approved and agreed on the removal of the site by the controlling state organizations, respectively, with the applicable laws of Ukraine. As far as possible and necessary, the views of all parties (the owners of neighboring sites) are in agreement.

Technology of site removal on the ground

The work on determining and establishing the boundaries of the land plot is handled by highly qualified specialists equipped with modern means to determine the coordinates of the turning points of the site. In our technical equipment there are all necessary devices for carrying out these works:

  • Theodolites;
  • Total stations;
  • GPS devices;
  • Computer graphics programs for mapping and site diagrams.

After measuring the area, taking the coordinates of turning points using GPS-navigators, the borders of the plot are fixed with landmarks. The boundary marks are pegs, a piece of reinforcement that has been driven into the ground or metal posts bearing the plate of the license plate of the plot. The fixing of the land plot by the boundary marks takes place in the presence of the owner of the land and the owners of the neighboring plots. A document is drawn up - an act of removal of the boundaries of the site and acceptance and transfer of boundary signs. In the act are the signatures of the landowner, the executing engineers of the works and the owners of the neighboring land plots. Here, the quantitative characteristics of the allotment of the land are indicated and a map-scheme of the location of your land plot is attached.

The price of removal of the site

Naturally, the price for work on the removal of a section of borders depends on:

  • The location of the object. In the city the works will be cheaper. Less costs to arrive at the work site;
  • Of the land plot, of course, the larger the area, the higher the price;
  • The number of turning points from 4 to 10;
  • The object has a private purpose or industrial, for an industrial facility, the services for the work are of great value.

The price of work on the removal of land in Ukraine from 1500 to 4000 hryvnia is for private individuals, depending on the category under which your land allotment falls. They say that "the miser pays twice", the land has always had value, so determining the boundaries of your allotment and legitimizing the rights to land in the future will ensure you and your heirs a quiet life. For industrial facilities, the price of site removals ranges from 1950 to 5,200 hryvnia.

We work in all regions of Ukraine. Our branches are equipped with the latest technology and modern technologies for processing field materials. Certified experienced professionals will take care of your problems with care and attention. The work is carried out in a short time, taking into account the wishes of the clients.

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