Another cadastral plan

Cadastral documentation today is the primary for any of the land. On its design now focuses a lot of campaigns that are engaged in geodetic issues, because work on the land are in great demand.

Another cadastral plan

to Obtain a technical passport of the land plot by using the cadastral survey of the site and preparation of the cadastral plan. These services are Central and key works on land management because it helps to determine the exact position of the site and its boundaries. Depending on what information the cadastral plan filled, and for what purpose is needed, it can be traditional, regular and derivatives.

prerequisite for approval of the topographic survey in the bodies of Architecture scale 1:500, and also for drawing red lines on the site plan stamped is the availability of Suitable  actual duty of the cadastral plan of the land from Kievzima.

Regular cadastral plan contains information about the location of land in certain areas. This information can be completed in both GUI and text versions.

the Main difference between a regular plan from traditional in that in the case next to it the site is located within a certain cadastral zones. This area can be a separate quarter or district of a city, village, town or a city. All of these cadastral zone should clearly stand out on the plan. To do this, their image must be accompanied by numbers and signatures.

another cadastral plan is a very important document. It conveys information on the situation of the land plot, its location within a particular locality, locality. And because this plan is mandatory’mandatory document for registration of documents on land management.

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in Addition to the duty of the cadastral plan of the land plot, which transmits the location of one phase within a certain cadastral zone, can be folded big plans or goals, cards of this type. If it comes to such a document, it consists of entire sections, each of which is a separate document and relates to private land. Thus, such a map is a set of active-duty cadastral plans of land plots, about’are interconnected on the basis of the location in one cadastral area (neighborhood, village, etc.).

This cadastral map consists of only those portions of the plans that have been registered in the cadastre. Therefore, this information is constantly updated as soon as new land was registered in the database.

Similar cadastral documentation should show the most complete picture of the site itself and the area around it. Because the purpose of regular cadastral variety of graphic materials is to convey the maximum information about a specific cadastral area and the land within it. So this includes the location information on district land themselves, landmarks and points of survey, about’objects with which Wops’linked to this site and about’objects of administrative-territorial division.

Duty cadastral plans are made in different scales depending on the territory. So, the sites located in open, undeveloped areas are fixed at a small scale – 1:10 000 and smaller. But if we are talking about the built-up area, the scale is taken more from 1:500 to 1:2 000.

in order to get a similar cadastral document, our engineers need only one or two days. But in order to start work, you only need to specify all the details of the procedure and to submit the documents of title to the land.

With the company Guild Engineering design of any kind of cadastral documentation becomes easy and quick. Your land and technical documentation easily pass all the stages of registration.

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