What it takes to geological report successfully passed the examination

after our work is done Geology report, it checks the expert Commission. The examination considers completeness, quality of materials, how the report is completed. Work carried out on the basis of technical specifications. There is a special normative documents for selection of methodology, completeness of research, registration of reports. The expert Committee checks how the content, graphics, analytical data meet these standards. After completion of the examination is issued the expert report, which contained a list provided by the examination of documents. Indicates what is missing. What still needs to be performed.

What it takes to geological report successfully passed the examination

Complete geotechnical report covers, reveals all the points of the technical project. Experts studied in details the terms of reference. In TK are given the parameters of the building constructions – dimensions, number of storeys, the importance of the object proposed the Foundation of what stress can occur. For large commercial buildings these data are presented on the master plan. The expert Commission draws attention to the construction of the object, depending on which is selected the method of research, types of work. Pay attention to the stage of the project depends on method of learning.

When the Geology report is a document, in which collected, analyzed the data obtained. According to him the Commission of experts is studying the natural conditions. Discusses the topography, geomorphology, lithology, tectonics, hydrogeology, flowing natural processes. This is recorded in the report of examination. Depending on the natural features, lithology from the importance of the object may be a standard set of works, or can be additionally applied Geophysics, other types of study.  

During the examination is considered Geology the report contains information that is useful for design decision making. Pay attention to the points that are not fully reflected in the report. When violated the requirements of GOST, SNiP. Pay attention to hazards, Geology structure. To what extent are they studied, whether they are reflected in the report in full. If you want – you need to specify a category of complexity of engineering-geological conditions of the site. Expertise draws the attention on the completeness of the documentation of the excavations, the correct execution of field books, how were the boundaries between layers, as the samples were taken, what number of them. Ongoing studies depend on the stage of the project. Pay attention to the control of laboratory studies.

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geotechnical fathert examination is considered to identify: how well are output. The number drilling depth. The same requirements apply when used with other workings, when to use field methods of studying rocks. The depth of elaboration is considered depending on the type of Foundation, the depth of his penetration. Pay attention to how IEG divided the boundary layer.

When we study the Geology, the report has its own requirements for the Geology building. Pay special attention to the grain size of particles of rocks, how they are watered, durable, some porosity. Depends on how solid the soil is, how it can be deformed under pressure, due to waterlogging. The examination draws attention to the fact that processed if the test results by statistical methods. How fully were tested rocks for each geological element.

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