Digital terrain model using drones and drones

in Accordance with tradition, engineering-geodesic surveys necessarily involve field work, when professionals are working directly on the study area. It is necessary to conduct special measurements and make topoplan, digital terrain model. However, sometimes these activities are extremely difficult to perform due to the inaccessibility of the plot or bad weather conditions. This causes missed deadlines. But, modern technology allows to promptly and accurately accomplish what seemed impossible. Innovative drones are not afraid nor rain, nor wind, nor water barriers. Such equipment has found wide application as it allows you to perform aerial videos efficiently and in a short time. Professional topoplan and digital terrain model using drones and drones you can get for a few days is much faster compared to the situation when the geodesic researches are carried out in the traditional way.

Digital terrain model using drones and drones

Features taken from the air

the Flight of a small drone to last just a few hours, but can reach the impressive size of the territory. Before the study, the UAV adjusts to the correct speed, the flight duration, and submitted flight path. Digital camera on Board allows to obtain high quality results: quality topoplan, orthophotomaps and digital terrain model using drones and drones of various modifications.

the advantages of drones:

  • small weight and, consequently, easy to transport;
  • quiet operation;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • Autoset even from unprepared sites;
  • efficiency;
  • ability to work in windy and rainy weather,

Unmanned ltalia equipment is actively used in the construction of various objects in the agro-industry and the military.

why the need For a digital terrain model?

in the design of project documentation and large-scale construction there is often a need to address important issues such as the analysis of the earth's surface at the site, the monitoring of specific areas or monitoring of the volume of work. The need to address them such an important document as a digital elevation model. It is a mathematical representation of the investigated area (obtained after processing of the final information).

three-Dimensional digital model of the area using drones and drones allow us to solve the following tasks:

  1. Generation of contours.
  2. perform analysis of the visibility area.
  3. Padding hydrological networks.
  4. analysis of slopes and ramps.
  5. Control the volume of work performed.
  6. calculation of areas.

When you need to quickly and efficiently carry out any of these procedures, it is necessary to order the creation of a digital terrain model using unmanned.


Where to order?

In the company "Guild Engineering", for many years are qualified professionals ready to perform any geodetic services (complex or individual species). In order to create a digital terrain model using drones and UAVs, used expensive geophysical equipment and special computer software required to process the received data. We guarantee efficient work, regardless of weather conditions, the maximum accuracy of the obtained information, the reference time data and the execution of documents in digital form. Thus, the human factor is minimized, and data can be obtained without leaving the office.

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