a Detailed site plan

planning documentation – the massive volume of all materials related to land and real estate. It is composed of many separate documents. Among them are detailed plan of the territory. It can be used to determine the development of a particular area and its layout organization. That is, this plan helps to clarify the features that are predominant in the development of specific areas. A detailed plan should be made in a rather large scale, that were clearly visible all the details.

Site plan showing the location of electrical installations

typically, such a plan is being developed in several cases:

  • in the place where it is planned the construction of a new facility;
  • in the venue renovation work of existing  structures
  • on territories relating to industrial areas;
  • in Park areas near water bodies.
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Detailed plan of the territory is a comprehensive document that contains a large amount of information. In the first place, through it passed all the principles of planning for future building projects. Also plotted red line. The plan should take into account all sanitary and building codes of the location of the objects based on the rules, regulations. When it comes to reconstruction, we observed the sequence of its implementation. Compulsory engineering lines, communications, and ground traffic, pedestrian zones, areas of landscaping and the location of the facilities.

If a detailed site plan is a comprehensive document, and apparently he does not act with a single sheet drawing. This is a package of documents both graphical and textual in nature. As already noted, the scale of the graphic elements should be large, so often it varies in the range from 1:500 to 1:2000.

Detailed plan of the territory is the primary document for the design procedure. Moreover, it can be designed whatever – and entire residential areas, neighborhoods, and individual buildings residential and non-residential and engineering construction, and infrastructure. It is required even in the case of resolving land issues, for example, allotment of specific plot.

Based on such a wide scope of application, a detailed site plan must be developed carefully. After all, these situations for which it is used, and require a serious approach. As a detailed plan is a key document for the design, and compiled it needs to be extremely accurate. No errors and distortions is not allowed, because it can lead to serious errors. Moreover, this document must be approved in government. It may take a month, because it requires detailed consideration of each of the documents.

After the plan was approved, on the basis of compilation of the project land the territory that is reserved for a specific job. In some cases, you may need adjustments, additions made to the approved plan. The case is very troublesome. And additions and corrections are permitted, only with one very big condition is that all these fixes must meet the General plan of the area that is studied.

If the staff performing similar work, make a mistake, I can fix this will be very problematic. So trust the procedure, as development of a detailed plan of the territory you need only to specialists “the Guild of Engineering”, who know a lot about this and can prepare a full package of documents.  

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