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To develop the project design phase will help you with the qualified specialists of the company "Guild Engineering". Our company has different directions geodetic activities. One of these branches is to develop projects of houses, cottages, plots, examples of which you can watch on our site. Also on our website you can find a Work and design, and review design and Engineering sections.

Design phase project required for landscape design. Landscape design is a great way to turn your plot in the exotic tropics or a romantic Paradise. Before you can plant all sorts of trees, shrubs, flowers, break the flower beds and install fountains, you must design and develop a design project. In addition to the General project of the entire garden can be designing some parts of the rock garden, rose garden.

the design of the project phase

If you want to fly your eye pleasing well-groomed, beautiful, aesthetic garden, start preparing in advance. This primarily concerns the design. This stage, which is the initial, you need to pay special attention to.

Design requires a full knowledge of the territory for which will be developed to design the project area. This knowledge should include information about the soil characteristics, topography, climate. If you are interested in really high quality and durable garden on the site, it is necessary that the experts do not just "eye" was defined by all these and other indicators. You should order a detailed topographic and geological analysis of soils. Geological study will help to know the characteristics of the soil on which it is possible to calculate - what types of plants to choose for planting, how to arrange the reservoir. In turn topographic survey will be a great help when  the development of a design project. It can help just to know the area, the terrain, the availability of communications at the site and immovable objects. Knowledge of the terrain and location of the property on the object will help you to choose the design decision to create compositions. And  information about communications will allow you to properly develop the irrigation and lighting systems.

In the course of work on design project section is zoning, are the sketches, and then - and the General plan. For each item you should develop your own scheme for irrigation systems, lighting, walkways, lawns and  other components of your garden. When the project is leased, you can begin to landscape design.

So design phase project came out really original and organic, it is necessary to employ not only surveyors, who carry out research. The main role is given to the it designers. Their professional opinion can evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of the territory and to make you a design project, which will be the embodiment of your dreams for a beautiful yard. Even the smallest plot of several acres a professional designer will be able to turn in a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing area.

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Naturally, you can develop yourself a big bed of  different types of flowers, shrubs and trees, add garden figures, lanterns and other traditional components gardening or even make your own design project area. However, if you want a really good result, which will cause the rapture, without the help of designers and engineers, you can not do. They will take into account all the above geological and geodetic results and will be able to offer innovative and creative ideas tailored to your wishes. Thus, it can be not only beautiful but also stylish - all your garden will be made in your favorite style. Like Japan? The Japanese garden will entertain you at any time. Moreover, you can avoid a lot of mistakes, for example, to plant in the shade cancelability variety of plants.

Guild Engineering would be glad for the improvement of your site. Our experts will develop this design, which will correspond to those features that are prevalent on the site, and bring your ideas.

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