Environmental surveys for construction works - special works

Despite the fact that the outside world is rich, rational use of these resources has come to the understanding of modern man. Ecological study aimed at its conservation, can be performed in complex engineering work, or separately. Their goal is to assess the current state of the environment and possible consequences of the construction of objects, forecast of the situation at the existing impacts and development of measures for the protection of the surrounding world.

environmental surveys for construction

In the company “Guild Engineering” working professionals (surveyors, geologists, environmentalists) who are qualified to perform environmental surveys for construction. These studies are performed according to specifications provided by the customer. They are performed according to a certain program. To assess the degree of deviation from the background values of the components of the external environment, to determine the degree of danger to people and buildings, to specify efficient methods to remedy the situation in a better way for the experienced engineer.

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Along with carrying out studies for new construction, the company offers monitoring of the surrounding conditions. Proposed control of groundwater pollution due to operation of the business. The study of soil characteristics, geological study of soils, estimation of radiation background, the chemical and geochemical studies, evaluation of the effects of electromagnetic fields, vibration and noise and sanitary-epidemiological work is included in the data survey.

Environmental surveys for construction works: assessment of environmental impact (EIA)

The EIA is carried out to ascertain the feasibility of the proposed activity and justification of measures on protection of the existing environment. Events can be technical, economic, sanitary, organizational and state law. The validity of the planned construction of the object must be confirmed by the research in the field of ecology.

The EIA, according to DBN A 2.2-3, must be contained in the design documents as for new construction and for capital repair, reconstruction and re-equipment of enterprises. Design of special facilities should provide security to health and life of people and protection of soil, air, water.

During the project design stages feasibility studies and techno-economic calculation in the materials must present information about the performed geological investigations and the EIA data. At the stage of working draft, information about the Geology of the site and the EIA should also be present.

The EIA must contain a General description of the area of the proposed works, alternatives from the standpoint of sanitary-epidemiological situation and environment. Discusses the social and technological factors. Are identified possible adverse environmental impacts of construction. Defines the scope of actions planned operation on the surrounding environment. The forecast changes in the environment due to the impact on her activities of the constructed facility. Establishes a set of plans for the prevention of adverse impact of construction on the environment. Assesses the acceptability of the impact on the surroundings with all the safety measures. Compilation of the environmental impact Statement of planned activities.

The EIA materials have a great influence on the fate of the object, as in the construction of certain objects exhibited at the public hearings.


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