the Expertise of the geological survey

Expertise of geological survey is performed with the intention to prepare the materials for the design of high quality. Only on the basis of qualitative Geology can be made correct calculations and selected the most economical type of Foundation. If the calculations were based on accurate and complete data, then the structure will be durable and strong, and will serve faithfully to their owners for many years and can be transferred to the heirs.

Examination of geological survey

it Is obvious, and it's enshrined in law that the examination of geological engineering survey required when construction of buildings, the collapse of which will lead to many casualties or harm nature. For the production of geological works developed clear standards. Many years of practice the construction and operation of buildings to various natural and technogenic conditions, analysis of accidents and the causes deformations of buildings has led to the development of a set of rules and recommendations for the execution of geological works. Examination of geological surveys identifies deviations from norms, resulting in poor quality research materials, and sometimes to their complete unsuitability for the full design. If there are minor flaws, the correction can be performed in the course of the examination.

Not all objects are subject to mandatory review. For example, objects to the III category of complexity, inclusive, constructed in simple engineering-geological and technological conditions, it is possible to design without expertise. However, at the request of the customer expertise engineering-geological surveys can be performed. The customer is interested in high-quality materials for design, enters into a contract with an expert organization. Geological materials are analyzed and conclusion is written.

Examination begins with a study of the specification and the completeness of the geological reports. Examines textual and graphical part of the report. Conclusions of the examination say about the suitability of surveys for the compilation of the project, or discussed the shortcomings that need to be addressed at subsequent stages of the research, or are encouraged to do further research taking into account the comments of the examination.

What shortcomings can be detected by examination of geological surveys? The absence or incompleteness of a requirements specification does not allow to set the volume objective of the research. The expert will note it. The mismatch of the license complexity of the geological conditions, which made surveying (license issued on the production of research in the conditions of II category of complexity, and the object is in the conditions of III category). Careless execution of graphic materials will cause the comments of the expert.

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What else can set expertise engineering-geological surveys? Unreasonable use of legacy geological data; the attraction for the characterization of engineering-geological elements of the site data that belong to elements that are too far away from the place survey; insufficient depth of exploration drilling under the concrete foundations; the lack of testing in the compressible column; the failure of calculating the stability of slope on landslide slope. Nothing shall remain without attention of experts, because this work involves specialists with sufficient experience who have undergone special training and passed a qualifying exam.

examination of the geological surveys made by specialists of the company LLC “the Guild Engineering”, provide a high quality design and materials.

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