Sounder-an instrument for measuring depths of water

Our company will give you any geological and hydrological survey of the most progressive methods and devices.

Our sounder Lavrans (You can get this depth sounder in rent) has memory and built-in GPS receiver, which uses satellites positioned his position, writes point in memory, and each the point assigns depth. When writing to the flash-flow rate points  so great that the processing of the data and drafting of the depth map lakes, rivers, every hundredth point, while its neighbor is at a distance of 10 cm in the plan. The accuracy of the depth measurement 1 see With such equipment, we measured the depth of the dozens of rivers throughout the territory of Ukraine for a variety of purposes:

  • cleaning rivers;
  • to create the project of improvement;
  • fisheries;
  • to define deep pits;
  • to determine the volume of water;
  • to determine the surface area of the water;

Engineering Geology is the whole direction in the work of experts on the study of land subject to soil composition and type, as well as other indicators. In addition to ground the research subject and the water is primarily groundwater. However, in addition to groundwater, which accumulate under the earth and play a role for geological study of the earth, it is possible to conduct separate studies exactly reservoirs. Using hydrological analyses can study the composition of the water. Such surveys can be used for various purposes during the construction of individual water projects or in the process of agricultural activity. One of the areas of hydrological survey is the measurement of depths of water.

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Sonar-instruments to measure the depth of water

Depth - this is one of the main characteristics of any water body. This is the vertical distance between the bottom and the surface. The measurement of this parameter is extremely important for geological surveys. Using this procedure, you can find not only the metric but also the correct design of various structures on the water. Also measure the depth of need and if there is a need for information about the costs of water, its volume (if we are talking about a closed reservoir). To conduct this procedure is possible only with the use of special equipment and devices. Device for measuring the depth of water in the acoustic - depth sounder.

the easiest device  - this is a gauging rod. It applies if you want to measure a small depth. The limit rod is 6 meters. This is a very simple design. Is a pole of wood with marks. The margin of error for this method of measuring relatively small - up to 5 centimeters. Instead of gauging rod for shallow reservoirs can be used and levelling rail.

the Following device - lot. It is more common, especially in those cases where the intended water depth exceeds 6 metres. Lots can be manual or mechanical. The manual option is cone-shaped  goods of metal weighing about 4-5 kg Weight attached durable lace. This is precisely the lace and the markings. As soon as the cargo is thrown into the water, and the strap has stretched and became exactly vertical, it is possible to fix the index.

Mechanical option is effective if the water flow is too strong. The weight throw and pull out without hands, and winch. Here the cargo may weigh much more than 5 kg in ten or even twenty times. The margin of error for this method of measurement depends on the current. In some cases the difference can be quite significant. The indicator on the cable is greater than it really is.

the Third way to measure the depth sounder. This instrument is suitable to measure the depth from the vessel, which is not worth it, and moves. The basis of the echo - sounder automatics, which itself captures and stores the index. The principle of the device is an ultrasonic wave, which comes from the vibrator to the bottom and back. The company "Guild Engineering" offers specialized high-precision the sounders in rent.

There is another method, which allows us to measure the depth of the reservoir, use the spinning method of reference. This is done using a sinker, which is carried to the point of the reservoir, where it is necessary to make the depth measurement. As soon as the sinker touches the surface of the water, immediately begins one-second countdown. He is up to until the line will SAG dramatically. She sags when the sinker touches bottom. The optimal weight for this weight 17-22 grams, as in the water column it will fall approximately at the rate of 1 meter per second. This measurement will be error within 0.5 meters at a depth of 3-5 meters, and 1 meter at a depth of 6-10 meters.

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