title>Executive survey of the facade

Surveying is an integral part of any construction process. The accuracy performance of all geodetic measurements at the preparatory stage of construction and during it, depends on the reliability of the future building. The company " Guild Engineering" will execute as a separate surveying work that will be required to perform a certain stage of construction works, and will provide survey support at all stages of the construction process.

Among the entire list of services done by our company, is one of the hottest Executive survey. It is performed for various purposes. It is conducted upon completion of each phase of installation and construction works. This survey allows us to determine the deviation of the delivered project in nature from the project documentation that were made during construction. According to the results of such work are presented relevant material referred to as - built documentation. It can be made either on paper or electronically.

Another service provided by the company " Guild Engineering", is a built survey of the facade. It is very common, as it allows to get maximum information about the altitude and the planned position of the facade elements, as well as about his size. In other words, front-advance drive mode allows a detailed and accurate picture of the studied façade. During this survey almereyda investigated object, captures the images of the characteristic points of the facade. Such points include the lifting columns, stained glass Windows, different floors, the overall verticality of the building, etc.

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the Need for front shot appear when developing the project of reconstruction of buildings and structures, to compute the area of the facade, for estimating of materials that have been spent on the decoration of the building. The important role played by Executive survey when designing the façade of the energy saving programme.

Executive survey of the facade performed in several steps:

  • preparation of technical specifications. In this case, all the nuances are discussed and agreed with the customer;
  • collection and analysis of relevant archival materials;
  • create a geodesic shooting fundamentals;
  • a survey of the facade;
  • design and preparation of documentation in the required number of copies according to the results of the Executive survey according to the specifications.

Executive survey of the facade is performed by a special survey equipment, electronic total station. It allows you to obtain the most accurate data, and the work thus carried out much faster. Often, drawings like this have a front shot scale from 1:50 to 1:200, but there are exceptions when the customer requires them another scale.

Executive documentation should include data on the facade:

  • high altitude and the planned position of the structures of the facade;
  • area of the facades of the investigated object;
  • deviations that are from vertical structures;
  • perpendicularity and straightness designs the studied building.

the Drawing should provide detailed and reliable data on the facade of the building, so such work should be entrusted only to professionals who will be able to provide data on the facade of the building with millimeter precision. These are our surveyors. Years of experience and the use of innovative equipment allows them to data surveying work efficiently and quickly.

based On the data obtained during the built survey of the facade, in addition to drawings are 3D models of buildings, sections and cross sections. Three-dimensional model allows to see in detail all the necessary information about the object. In other words, it transmits an exact copy of the object.

after as-built survey of the facade we provide our clients with such documents:

  • flat drawing, made on a scale of 1:50 or 1:200, depending on the wishes of the customer;
  • 3D model of a building or structure.

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