Physical and mechanical properties of soils

the Need for the study of physico-mechanical properties of soil for the sake of durability of construction

to perform quality construction, it is necessary to consider all. It is first necessary to investigate the soil in areas designated for construction. It is known that even within one section of the structure of the soil may not be homogeneous. As a result, to choose a place of laying the Foundation, and its appearance, it is necessary to study the physical and mechanical properties of soils. Carry out such important work engineers and geologists through field and laboratory research. These events allow to determine with accuracy the characteristics of the soil at the construction site, and to obtain data on the composition and depth of groundwater.

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Why it is important to investigate the physico-mechanical properties of soil

the Physico-mechanical properties of soils

During the construction and operation of the facility, on the ground exposed to a certain load under which different types of soil behave differently. And if not to investigate the soil on the bearing capacity, in the future, the new building could simply collapse. An equally important factor is the chemical composition of groundwater, as well as their corrosive activity. Groundwater actively influence on any Foundation. Accordingly, the error in the choice of building material can have such a consequence, as the rapid destruction or irreversible deformation of the whole structure due to the destruction of the Foundation.

to produce a comprehensive analysis and to explore the physical and mechanical properties of soils it is best to contact the company "Guild Engineering". On our website you will find detailed information about the provision of such services and the list of works. The availability of modern equipment and high accreditation of allows you to accurately and efficiently carry out any geological surveys on your site.

Physical mechanical characteristics of soils

the Characteristics that define the physical condition of the soil and having the ability to alter it under the influence of physico-chemical factors are called physical. Getting these characteristics by laboratory research is required for the initial design and subsequent start of construction of the building.

One of the most important physico-mechanical properties of soils are:

  • density;
  • the filter factor;
  • specific and volumetric weight;
  • borders plasticity;
  • humidity
  • water;
  • stickiness;
  • porosity
  • structure of particle size.

If necessary, depending on the assigned design tasks can also be studied other characteristics of the soil: the probability of drawdown, the shear resistance, swelling, heaving and razmagcheniem. All of these properties studying special science soil. Knowing these characteristics, it is possible to give an exact forecast of possible geological processes on the construction site, caused by dynamic impact of the object under construction. Physico mechanical properties of soils have a direct influence on the bearing capacity, so getting data on them, measures are taken to strengthen the weak soil.

Features of the geological survey of physico-mechanical properties of soils

to obtain the most accurate information about the required characteristics of the ground, originally conducted field work. They allow you to obtain preliminary data on the strength properties of soil on the site. Further, professionals from the company "Guild Engineering" conducts sampling (including by drilling wells).

Samples to be tested in a laboratory to accurately determine such important physico-mechanical properties of soils, such as resistance to dynamic loads and resizemode. Only such an integrated approach and use of modern instruments will give the most accurate result, which allows to perform accurate calculations in the design.

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