Date photo and video monitoring fields

in Order to obtain reliable information during the implementation earthworks, the quality monitoring of agricultural fields. In this regard, the more popular it becomes services such as photo and video monitoring fields. This observation allows you to gather the necessary information using unmanned modern technology, which will improve the efficiency of use of fields to reduce expenses and to achieve an economic effect from the use of soil.

Photo and video monitoring fields

What are the monitoring work?

Photo and video monitoring fields from the company "Guild Engineering" is a great opportunity to use modern automated technology for the collection and analysis of data on condition of land and crops. Method allows you to keep accurate records and monitor water consumption, to create a reliable electronic mapping land plans, perform forecasting future yields, to plan the drainage systems and more. The procedure of collecting information is realized by aerial photography or video and analysis of the information produced through the use of geographic information systems.

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Service photo-monitoring field allows to obtain high-precision images for the assessment of cultivated areas, the seedling density and uniformity. This survey will help to detect any changes during the growth of a culture. Data obtained in this work can show how the developing and growing culture and allow you to decide on what seed part of the field require fertilizer.

What tasks does the monitoring?

Using list of fields in the agricultural sector, it is possible to solve such tasks:

  1. to Create and update e-map document fields.
  2. keep a record of the planting area.
  3. to plan a variety of activities at the production sites.
  4. to Control the volume and the quality of implementation of field work.
  5. to Conduct timely monitoring and quickly improve the condition of the fields and their individual sections.
  6. to Assess the viability of different cultures.
  7. to Carry out the forecast of possible yield.
  8. to Monitor the build quality of crops.
  9. to Perform economic analysis.
  10. to plan vegetation indices.

Accordingly, today's modern technologies can solve many problems, among which may also include the building plan, elevation, conducting terrain analysis and inventory of land, control over the processes of soil erosion and identification of waterways.

the Benefits of photo and video monitoring

Photo and video monitoring fields has a huge advantage over traditional shooting, as it allows to obtain the most accurate data and high quality photos with geographical coordinates corresponding to the standards of cartography. It is undeniable "pluses" of this control include:

  • small altitude unmanned;

    the reality of the choice of weather to perform the monitoring;

  • in the images are clearly visible even the smallest details of the landscape;
  • getting a good panoramic shots;
  • the use of detailed imaging of compact objects;
  • the brevity of the work;

  • affordable price;
  • environmental safety (provided by the quietness and environmental cleanliness of operations).

The company "Guild Engineering" guarantees high quality research and evaluation works with the use of innovative aircraft equipment. To order photo and video monitoring fields is enough to call by phones specified on the website.

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