the Foundation for the house

the Foundation for the house is the cornerstone. This marks the start of any construction. This key component of the structure holding the whole building. Therefore, the approach to designing and laying the Foundation responsibly.


the First question which is set and the building contractor and designer – how to choose a Foundation type. Indeed, there are several different types of foundations – band, bar, slab, pile.

species directly depends on the location of the land and geological conditions. And not always the willingness of the customer correspond to the capacities and conditions. For example, if in dreams you draw yourself a country house on top of a hill overlooking the river below, it is possible to realize such a dream is not always possible. The reason the Geology of the site.

So before you begin this procedure, Foundation design for home, it is necessary carefully to study the characteristics of the territory. It can be done with  an engineering-geological surveys. They include the study of the terrain and soil composition of the special methods in the laboratory.

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Ignoring survey procedures leads to negative consequences and deformities of the recently constructed buildings. Often type of Foundation is chosen based on considerations of financial gain or other reasons. The properties of the soil are not taken into account. But such a position, when the Foundation is considered separately from the soil, is unacceptable. After all, the basis is laid in the ground, therefore, contact with it. And if the type of soil and type of Foundation do not match each other, behave they will be aggressive.

in Addition to the soil is necessary to take into account and groundwater. They are able to influence the Foundation is not less than the soil itself. This effect tends to be negative. Study of the nature of groundwater is also a component of the geological survey. If the results of the analysis are not too positive, the issue of waterproofing  and select its type.

the Third factor affecting the condition of the grounds is precipitation, climatic features. This can be called external geological factor. A study of the climatic features of the area, typical weather and temperature phenomena for her – one of the components of a full research. After all, this is also a number of negative phenomena – floods, landslides adversely affect the status as a Foundation and building as a whole.

the Strength and durability of Foundation depends on the geological characteristics of the soil in which it is laid. So, the soil must be sedentary, not prone to deformation, to prevent water and have good bearing capacity. Sediment, subsidence, offset, swelling – this is not a complete list of factors that are unfavorable for the laying of the Foundation.

the more negative factors identified in the engineering-geological surveys, the more measures should be taken at the design stage, to protect the base. It is well fortified and protected the Foundation is sturdy and safe home.

From the results of the analyses depends not only on the choice of Foundation type, and building materials for him. Selected materials such that good contact with the soil and water, and didn't collapse under their influence.

All these details should be checked at the design stage of the design. And to conduct geological analysis is necessary to attract qualified geologists. The company " Guild Engineering” understand the importance and the value of the base - the Foundation for building, and carefully study the conditions for it.

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