Geology and geodesy under the foundation on geoshooting

Engineering structures with foundations on screw piles or geysharpops differ in high reliability and speed of arrangement. But this assertion is true only if before the construction began, thorough and high-quality engineering surveys were carried out under the foundations of geoshooting. By ordering comprehensive research on geology and geodesy to build the foundation of Guild Engineering, there is no doubt that all research will be carried out in accordance with the norms and with strict observance of the requirements of applied research methods.

Foundation on geoshooting

Geoshooting and foundations based on it

Geoshooting is a pile bearing, which is part of the foundation and immersed in the ground under construction by screwing method. For this purpose, it is provided with a carving, which makes it look like a huge screw (because of this feature geoshupa and got their name). Each pile bearing of the foundation takes on a portion of the load and passes it to the soil through its sole and walls. Taking into account the degree of responsibility and the value of construction objects, a different number of supports, immersed in the same or different depths and connected by special bearing structural elements - razversk, is required.

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What are the engineering surveys underlying the geoshooting?

Engineering surveys under the foundation on geoshers are composed of geology and geodesy. The engineering-geological surveys under the foundation on geoshers are carried out with the aim of substantiating its expediency and determining the calculation parameters that provide the required bearing capacity. Engineering geodesy under the foundations on screw piles solves questions on

  • attachment of the building to the area;
  • planning of concrete points of installation of supports;
  • removal of the design scheme of the foundation in kind.

Objectives of research in geology
Engineering-geological surveys under the foundation on geyshroupah provide designers with data for solving project tasks:

Determination of the appropriate ground for the piles and their length

Materials of engineering geological surveys under the foundation on geyshroupah give an opportunity to establish the depth of the geological element, which will be dipped in the pillars, corresponding to its characteristics mass design buildings. Vyshezalegayuschih, weaker soils are not taken into account in calculations of the bearing capacity of the soil basis. Requires depth of screw piling and, accordingly, their length is determined taking into account

  • Lithology met geological layers;
  • results of laboratory researches of cores (samples of rocks from engineering geological wells);
  • field trials.

Determination of bearing capacity of one pile support and their number

The required number of pillars is calculated, after the known bearing capacity of one pile, depends on
strength of material of its manufacture;
obtained data on the geological structure of the plot and properties of soils.
The most reliable type of piles installation is their screw-up to indigenous, rocky soils. If the drilling materials show that such depths were not found at an affordable depth, then the foundation is calculated as "hanging" (piles transfer the soil loading not only through the sole, but lateral surfaces). To ensure the reliability of such foundations, the pillars need more.

Geodetic studies

The correct location of the foundation under the construction of a building directly depends on the accuracy of topo-geodetic surveying.

The first stage of geodesy under the foundation on geyshroupah

At the very beginning of the design and survey work, immediately after the decision on the construction, a taping under the foundation of the screw piles is carried out. The main purpose of topography - the preparation of a building geodetic foundation - a plan that allows you to detail layout of all elements of future construction, obtain the necessary permits.

Drafting in kind

Finally determined and tied in the site of the construction site scratching point in the soil of each palm - during the segmentation work (removal of the project construction to the terrain). The precision geodetic survey for geoshooting is based on the exact transfer of the design scheme with the indicated horizontal coordinates on the land plot.
Performing topography under the foundation on geoshooting

Under the executive topography under the foundation on the geysharpubs understood assessment of the conformity of the finished foundation with design calculations and drawings, carried out by geodetic methods:

  • scheduled shooting;
  • leveling of pile heads;
  • checking the horizontal girths.

The decision on further continuation of construction work is taken after analyzing the results of the executive top placement under the foundation on the screw piles.

  • Types of pile foundations
  • Foundations based on single piles.
  • Equipped under construction

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