Geodetic survey, geochemica

Surveying is the set of activities and works to create plans and topographic maps of any land territory. Do it by taking measurements necessary height, angles and different distances. In a duty cycle of geoscheme apply a variety of tools, and the result is a view of any object that is on the earth's surface. Surveying can be performed from a height, with receiving images of flying apparatus. This survey is necessary to see the different objects and communication for the preparation of certain documentation.

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Geodetic survey, geochemica

Geodetic survey to date

Geodetic measurements conducted by the company " Guild Engineering" is divided into 3 types. This surveying. The purpose of takegoshi - to define the boundaries of ownership of the land, which are legal. This survey will help decide where to allocate a place under construction, to identify the location of new streets, roads and highways. Its experts will help to distribute the land to create drawings that will be the main legal documents. Another type of surveying is surveying. Through it can determine the shape, measure the size and angle of the surface of the site to determine the location of ground and underground utilities, existing fences, buildings, roads, trees, etc.. Such a survey helps the designers to make a precise drawings, and sometimes to include in your project these objects. Another type of engineering survey. For builders on a geodesic of the drawings shows the most important points, elevation, lines for placing of the objects correspond to the plan.

Geodetic survey, geochemica


For example, the surveyors conducted a survey of the foundations for establishing the exact coordinati their angles. Now, if the subsidence is movement, it will be possible to calculate the load on them and to correct the work so as to ensure the structural stability of a building, and of course the safety of people. This survey is also indispensable for earthworks. Their work on them, surveyors record the position of the soil, at any time, even after 3 years to calculate the amount of work with a maximum accuracy of 2%. Shooting from the satellite will continuously monitor all the changes in the earth's crust. It can be assumed that such geochemica will reduce the damage to the population from earthquakes. The assistance of qualified surveyors in our daily lives is invaluable. Not only in the construction without such specialists is simply impossible to do.

Valuable tools for geodetic survey

Electrooptical rangefinder can measure the distance with a pulse or beam of light that is reflected from the mirror. The mirror is in place, the coordinates of which are defined. Among the specialized tools equally popular theodolites and tachymeters. The theodolite operator to obtain data about the edges. The presence of the microscope allows to obtain a sufficiently enlarged view of angle measurement. Using with extreme precision theodolites angles are measured with high precision. The total station measurements are performed thanks to the electronics. This equipment records the data obtained during the field research. Then they are transferred to a computer for further processing relevant documentation and calculations according to the results provided by geochemica.


the Company "Guild Engineering provides surveying services since 2006. Among them are many large and interesting objects. The main direction is geodetic survey, where our staff conducted geochemi, measurements and built drawings and only pleasing our Customers impeccable quality of work.

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