Geodetic expertise

Any business sector that needs checking and rechecking. This also applies to geodesy. In order to check how correctly and expediently carried out certain geodetic procedures used geodetic expertise. In the course of the inspection is to gather evidence, and they are compared with baseline.

the Most common case where you might want geodetic expertise, are litigation regarding land management issues. Especially often such problems is the distribution of adjoining territories. Another issue can be litigated in court, are illegal buildings on the site without permits,  In such cases the arbitrator is a geodetic organization or company that will conduct the necessary research procedures and establish the truth. The main criterion by which the entity acts as independent expert, is the availability of permits and licenses for carrying out of such works.

geodetic examination

Examination may be conducted and not for judicial Affairs. Then it is in the nature of extrajudicial and assumes the contract owner and the company, which will conduct the review. This procedure is required if the parcel owner has doubts about the good faith of the builders and the quality of its object. But there are cases when the previous geodetic survey ran so long that their data is no longer relevant and require re-validation. In that case, if the construction process was stopped or started to do another building team, also it is better to spend expert assessment.

Among the procedures which can be included in geodetic expertise, stand out all kinds of measuring work, testing the boundaries of land and built structures. The new data are compared with the results of previous geodetic survey made in topographic, cadastral plan, project documentation.

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the Process geodetic expertise takes place in several stages:

  • preparation stage, which is the study of the documents relating to the disputed object;
  • the field phase, when directly on the area conducted research work;
  • create a new graphic documents with application of appropriate markers. In addition to the new plan, you need to make an official report with the analytical unit, which will be considered the best way out of a problem situation.

During the implementation of surveying examination, the examination is subjected to the following objects:
- the document confirming the right to own land, this is the certificate of registration;
- plans and schemes of land in graphical form;
- a resolution containing a provision of the land use;
- the act of removal of boundaries of the site;
drawings containing the binding to the terrain;
- registration certificate of any data on technical inventory of lands;
- easements.

The implementation of surveying examination is impossible without the availability of all necessary documentation in the hands of an expert. They must provide the customer. Such materials should contain detailed information on the site which subject to study, all of who are land users. If there are any restrictions or encumbrances, the necessary documentation, in which it is indicated. among all the documentation it is also important the presence of materials that carry information on the state land cadastre.

Robot geodetic expert is to cross-check the accuracy of the data held early geodetic works on the basis of which the document was written, as well as their compliance with the normative documents and the actual state of Affairs.

because geodetic expertise is the key and the most powerful argument when disputed issues and court cases, it needs to trust only reliable companies. In case the examination will be done by the company Guild Engineering, reliability and correctness of the result can be no doubt. Conclusions our specialists are the best confirmation of the correctness of one or the other party in such complex issues as issues related to land.

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