Surveying company

One of the most popular requests arising from physical and legal persons, in any transactions related to immovable property in the form of land is request for the services of a surveyor. In today's market of geodetic services can be found, as surveyors working independently and is designed as a private entrepreneur, and small companies that are staffed with 3-5 people and do a narrow branch of geodesy.

Surveying company

Geodetic company "Guild engineering" differs from other similar structures. The staff of our company consists of about twenty highly qualified professionals. Each of which has extensive experience in performing of geodetic works of different genres. And together our employees are a single team, whose work harmoniously and polished for years of joint activity.

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Ordering services of the surveyor the company "Guild Engineering" you can be sure that for any, even the most difficult situation for you to select the optimal variant solutions, which serves as the proof of 10 years of existence and more than a thousand successful installations. Each object and individual approach to solving your tasks, we accordingly also find an individual. the Geodetic company "Guild Engineering" collaborates with specialists from other industries. In every non-standard question attracts the participation of specialized professionals. In engineering, the work involved engineer with over 25 years of experience. And in matters of laboratory research we cooperate with the best laboratories in Ukraine.

a Wide range of services provided by our company makes it possible to order a full set of surveys in one place and one team. Eliminating accidental errors during transmission and an incorrect understanding of information. And that is not unimportant, can significantly save your money, simply because on your subject experts will come together and this will reduce the cost of execution of works.

Ordering geological surveys, you not only cooperated with the geologist, but also get the services of a surveyor who goes to the place together with the drilling team and advises throughout the research process and report. This means that even if you did not order surveys, as a result you will still get a report with elevations, typical for your area. And in the presence of materials on the land you own in a multi-volume archive of our organization, we may be able to find you a copy from topoplan, as a bonus to the geological report.

Geodetic company "Guild Engineering", primarily cares about its reputation, earned by years of labor and diligence of our specialists. Over the years, our company has gained name that is known in any region of Ukraine and a reputation of which we recommend to friends and acquaintances.

Surely if you're serious about finding surveying firms to perform work on your land, you, like many modern and reasonable people, read reviews on the Internet. A number of reviews from different sources about the work of the specialists of the company "Guild Engineering" speaks for itself. Our clients, like other people, often remain silent after the first order, after the second talk about quality, timing and price of the works to friends, and after the successful execution of the order of friends in gratitude for our work write reviews, in which I put all my appreciation.

We are confident that we will be able to choose the option survey for your needs. The results of the work will not keep you waiting. The number and qualification of employees allows us to perform work in time, which no one on the market of geodetic services will not be able to provide.

Geodetic company "Guild engineering" provides a wide range of geodetic services.

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