Environmental surveys for construction works - special works

Construction of any project never starts with the active phase. Nobody brings the plot technique and begins to dig a pit without prior preparation. You need to prepare all the necessary documents to obtain permits and to conduct a series of procedures, which will be based all your future activity. Itself, the construction site also requires careful planning. The degree of preparedness will depend on where it is located (it is an open area or surrounded by buildings), what time of year begins construction, as well as  the individual characteristics  the object itself is a construction from scratch, redesign, or completing parts.

Geodesic laying the Foundation

the Preparation of the construction site includes a number of works. This clearance space, and construction sites. But the first thing that is done at the stage of preparatory works - engineering-geodetic and geological surveys with the mandatory establishment of geodetic center of the base.  

Holding geodesic breakdown throughout the construction process is the basis for further action at the site, in particular, during excavation works. This framework allows the construction process to navigate the site using specially installed for this purpose marks. These marks may not appear anywhere on the request of the surveyor. Specialists in the creation of center-based guided by the General plan, as well as technical working drawings of the site and directly created for data work center drawing.

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Represents geodetic center Foundation grid axes both longitudinal and transverse. These axes define the location in space of the intended construction and thereby define  its size and being elevated relative to other objects around. Mesh forming squares and rectangles. Depending on size they can be divided into basic - they are more (on average 100-200 m) and additional smaller (20-40 m). Fiducial marks are fixed at the vertices of each shape. The complexity of the breakdown may be due to the relief features of the site and its a large area.

in Order to get a really correct result, it is necessary that the professional surveyors, who will conduct survey activities were created good conditions for work. And mark, called a professional language benchmarks, should be placed in places where they will be clearly visible, therefore it will be convenient to measure. They must also be sustainable. Otherwise, change the location of a reference point can lead to errors in measurements and calculations.

Until the correct geodetic center Foundation on the construction site, is not allowed to start other processes, in particular the stage of excavation works.  in Order to achieve accuracy in this case, to help the surveyors come theodolites and levels. These tools allow you to get more detailed and the most accurate factual information. On the basis of center-based, you can easily and error to do other surveying work on the calculation of earthwork, the breakdown of the pit, the transfer of project construction on the landscape and other.

Create accurate and reliable geodetic center Foundation anywhere on the complexity of the object, and also hold a number of other survey activities survey you will help the specialists of the Engineering Guild.

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