Surveying engineering

your geodesy it's something strange, what do the people on the streets and on the construction site? No you can't. Geodesy is the science of complex high-precision measurements, allowing to reconstruct the shape and topography of any object or set of objects. Let's say you are working with complex industrial equipment, it is very large and must be configured with millimeter precision. The equipment rotates at breakneck speed and therefore the axis of rotation must also neprikosaemye to be in their seats. In this complex there are parts that occasionally require replacement. You all the time purchase them from the same supplier. And suddenly, as usual, at the worst possible time, the supplier ceases to exist. No more details, and other variants, where to buy, also. Although, in principle, the capacity of your production is enough to make them yourself, but drawing you, too, alas no, they certainly can be done, but how accurate? It is dangerous and risky, there is a complex fillet radii, tilts and turns of the metal throughout the length of the part.

Surveying engineering

To solve this problem, there is a kind of surveying specially adapted for engineering purposes, the result of which is engineering drawings. This type of survey involves the precise (to 0.1 mm) fixation location and shape of structural elements, their size, convexity and roughness. In the process of post-processing allows to build a given detail is absolutely identical to the existing sample. And then to realize, and get the perfect replacement for damaged components.

it is Worth considering that if a part has worn out over the years, the hole was chiseled and the edges are erased, the drawings will specify exactly the actual size. To restore the pristine form are required geodetic survey details, which is a response, and then you can restore the worn out fragments of the mechanism. And possibly to shoot the entire mechanism and be adapted to the size of the purchase item new, previously unknown firm. the 3de Geodetic modeling gives you the ability to accurately recreate the layout of the mechanisms and provide the basis for decision making in placing structures in difficult to reach places, to build a processing chain without the fear that something"not fit".

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Geodetic measurements of details for the needs of engineering,  executed by the company, GeoTop electronic total stations Topcon German company that have proven themselves over the years of excellent work. These devices are capable of operating in reflectorless mode, providing the desired accuracy. This ability becomes invaluable importance,  when the mechanism is in operating position and secured in hard to reach places. And the ability to remove and disassemble it there. As reflectorless mode is just a necessity in the determination of the radii of fillets and fixing of points on the mechanism of large dimensions.

Receiving the engineering drawings made according to the results of geodetic measurements, you get a kind of tailor services, who modeled the suit with. You can be sure that all components of your new outfit will fit you, and to press or RUB will not.

the accuracy of the measurement to discard the element of the difficulty of finding the right parts, because the original defect of mechanism, which he acquired during production. Usually these moments make the purchase of new parts is almost impossible, although the mechanism works and on its quality the defect is not reflected.

Providing a service "Geodetic 3de modeling", our company supports Ukrainian industry.  And makes possible the purchase of a second breathing mechanisms.

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