Geodetic survey of the land

Our company Guild Engineering specializes in the execution of geodetic works and land management throughout Ukraine, in any of its parts. Among the wide range of services, we offer a geodesic survey of the land plot, which is necessary at the initial stage of any construction and production. Using surveying receive a comprehensive description of the land on which it is planned the construction of buildings or structures. The accuracy of the information obtained from geodetic surveys depends on how efficiently and well it was conducted by the surveyor. Therefore, to entrust such work must only experienced professionals, such as employees of the Engineering Guild. Surveying of the land also can be performed and to determine the boundaries of the site.

Geodesic survey of the land

fotos sometimes cadastral and topographic. Cadastral survey is a complex of works aimed at the restoration or establishment of land boundaries. According to the data obtained in consequence of the conduct of cadastral survey creates a subdivision plat, developed in size, providing the most accurate transfer of all elements and details.

Another surveying is a topographic survey of the land plot. Topographical mapping is a complex work in which measurements are performed and based on them are topographic plans and maps. Such work is carried out on the site where you plan carried out the design and then the construction process various properties. During the surveying can be shot both above ground and underground utilities.

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This surveying occurs in several stages. The first involves collecting all necessary documentation. This can be raw materials, map data, etc.. In the second phase, conducted field work, including a survey of the land survey using total station - a special device that helps to get maximum information about the terrain, vegetation, engineering communications. Also during the field work examines communications outlets, the location of pipes, etc.. the Final stage is the preparation of topographic maps based on the data collected during the survey. The plan put all objects that are located in the study area, and are marked by corresponding symbols. Once prepared all documentation is its approval by the relevant departments. Topographic survey is approved and adopted in the archive only after it is stamped.

Survey may be of different sizes. What determines the surveyor. Most often it occurs in 1:500 scale. Popularly referred to as "parisada". Contact the company the Engineering Guild you can be sure of a quality and competent conduct geodesic survey of the land plot. Our experts will prepare all maps and diagrams in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Department of architecture and urban planning.

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