Surveying is a combination of various surveys that are performed to obtain data on the spatial coordinates engineering or natural objects. With these data, doctors are able to perform the following monitoring and milestones. It should be noted that topographic-geodetic surveying is often done in order to have a sufficient basis for the design of new engineering structures. This is quite important, because without accurate and correct information regarding the terrain and the situation within it is almost impossible to create the correct project and therefore generate a cost estimate. Surveying has several varieties. Most often they are executed one after another, but there are times when they are held separately.


One of the main geodetic surveying is topographic and geodetic survey. It is performed just before the creation of the project. Over her performing work as surveyors and topographers. Specialists of the company LLC "Guild Engineering” quite often work in teams because it gives the opportunity to perform the task quickly and efficiently. Before starting the topographic survey, our employees collect and analyze all data that were previously obtained for this area. Topographic and geodetic survey is carried out after the creation of the geodetic grid of dots which later happen all the observations. The result of this process is surveying the area plan, which specify the nature of the terrain and the situation on the plot using the legend.

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Also widespread Executive geodetic survey, it is necessary during construction, repair and installation works. This survey gives you the chance to identify all the mistakes that were made during the execution of these works. Often, geodetic survey of this type conducted after the completion of each specific stage. The results be documented and are the basis for the next step. In addition, the Executive survey is conducted after completion of all work for already existing buildings.

Geodesic survey of the land also includes poderino hydrographic surveys and poderevnoy shooting. These two varieties are somewhat less, but are no less important. Poderina shooting is done in areas that are covered with green plantations. During the shooting process with our employees, we determine the number of trees and shrubs, their size, appearance and position in space. Hydrographic surveying is performed for water bodies and their shores. This survey is conducted using special equipment and allows to determine the nature of the bottom topography of water bodies.

Results of surveying can be used to solve many practical issues, including data needed for construction, exploration, and mineral exploration, creation of maps, the restoration of ancient structures, for marine and air navigation, etc. In this regard, we can conclude that the geodetic survey of the land, like all other surveying work shall be performed only by experienced professionals who have conducted similar studies. Turning to the employees of LLC "Guild Engineering", You can be sure of getting a quality result in the short term. Our staff will be able to answer all Your questions, advise you accordingly and perform all necessary surveying and engineering-geological works.

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