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Geodetic survey of a suburban area. Topographic survey No decent urban family with children can't imagine tourism without questioning. A cottage for the owner as a personal work of art. Having a topographical survey of a suburban area, you can try to implement even the most daring design decisions. On surveying possible to design a gazebo, a drainage groove, as can be seen the slopes and grades. Based on the North direction, it is possible to properly place the hammock in the shade, in the right place to put a tree. Being armed with the mark of the road, can understand the height of the future kitchen floor, so that water would not flow. By surveying a suburban area you can also check the area of land use, the length of the fence, for example, if you want to change the fence for 5 minutes to determine the price.

Surveying the suburban area from our company involves a series of action steps for shooting, of which there are three.

the Preparatory stage. In particular, we need to visually explore the territory, in order to understand how an object should work and how it is difficult to study. Also on this piece of work we need to familiarize with the materials of the geodesic nature that were made earlier.

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Field stage. When all the preparation, evaluation work is completed, our specialists go to the site. Immediately before you start shooting, we create a geodetic network, and then proceed to the research process. Is he using professional electronic total stations, as well as navigation systems.

the Desk phase. Simply put this is the stage of processing the results. Once all data and indicators are collected, they need to process. Is this not already on the site, and in our departments, where there is special software. As a result of processing technician prepare a detailed report definitely the topographic plan of the back yard.

usually in suburban areas built buildings and structures on a small scale, are needed for a suburban life. Among the wide range of surveys the most relevant and popular is a topographic survey, which is conducted at the scale of 1/250. With the help of this scale is shooting for minor construction of buildings and structures. It meets the increased requirement regarding the detail of the main load-bearing sites. It should be remembered that the topographic survey is necessary not only for the construction and reconstruction of buildings or structures. it may also be necessary during the repair or conduct the communications which are basic. In any case, whatever the conduct of topographic survey, the main goal of the surveyor is to set the most accurate data about the characteristics of the terrain and of the peculiarities of the landscape studied suburban area. When all measurements are made you can proceed to the Desk to the stage. Based on the results of the topographic survey shall be prepared topographic maps and charts that display all the necessary information about suburban plot of land.

you Cannot underestimate the importance of conducting surveys at their summer cottage. And it is very important to trust it to qualified surveyors who have extensive experience in conducting this type of surveying. This will depend on the quality and efficiency of their conduct. The professionals of the company " Guild Engineering" during the survey at their summer cottage use innovative equipment that allows to obtain data with millimeter precision in a short time, regardless of its complexity and size.

The procedure if necessary geodetic measuring tasks:
  • The customer provides the terms of reference, in the telephone mode, with the obligatory indication of square footage, number of communications;
  • are Determined by the desired deadline. The standard period for us 2 days;
  • calculate the cost of the work. Price starts from 1000 UAH.

with geodetic survey of giving, you'll make your project as ergonomic as possible, geometrically and technologically correct.

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