Measurements of the scrap, counting of the volume and weight

Geodetic survey measurement of scrap metal on the warehouse of the calculation of volume and mass determination with the provision of the act and the preparation of the technical report

Measurement of scrap metal in the warehouse with the counting of volume, measurement of volume of scrap metal

Almost every enterprise engaged in manufacturing, has a storage space for raw materials warehouses. When it comes to large amounts, especially bulk materials or materials in the dumps, accurate count residues becomes difficult or impossible without attraction of specialists with the necessary equipment that allows to solve this task.

Especially when it comes to measurement of scrap metal in the warehouse with the estimation of volume and poredeleniyu mass with the provision of the act and compilation of technical reports. These works must be performed by qualified surveyor. First, let's understand the concept of "scrap metal". This term implies a certain product or certain elements of the products that are unfit for further direct use. This is the parts that eventually lost its value in use. This can happen as a consequence of certain physical deterioration. Also to this term include articles having a marriage that cannot be corrected. It can be both household and industrial. But do not these products or parts to put the sentence. This material can be used as secondary raw materials. It is very important that the measurement of scrap metal was carried out by qualified professionals with considerable experience in carrying out these works, as experience and skills will allow you to make the calculations as accurately as possible.

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the Need for reconciliation of the balance of scrap metal can occur for different reasons and with different intervals (once a week, month, quarter, year), and it is necessary to accurately determine the commodity flow to the enterprise. Given the fact that warehouses can be very different geometry (size and shape), to entrust this activity requires highly qualified specialists of engineer-geodesist. The measurements of the amounts required in determining the total value of the enterprise, for example, in the sale, change of ownership, change of the Charter, guidelines and other organizational matters.

Measurement of scrap metal in the warehouse with the counting of volume, measurement of volume of scrap metal

For accurate and correct count of the amount of the balance of scrap metal in warehouses necessary geodetic survey of the surface in the bulk, or Executive survey bins, made on the construction of a warehouse. It is necessary to create the most accurate initial surface, from which calculation of volumes in the implementation of the following geodetic measurements. The principle of calculation based on the difference of marks in the set limits to the construction of embankments and existing at the time of measurement, elevations in the same places the new surface of the blade. This method of determining the volume of movement of raw materials is the most correct, appropriate, automated and precise when making calculations.

Measurement of scrap metal in the warehouse with the counting of volume, measurement of volume of scrap metal

Our organization has all the necessary tools, modern equipments, software and huge experience in surveying and surveying the area, which allows quickly and with high accuracy to take the required measures and to calculate. An important factor is the speed of the measurement, as in the implementation of surveying for maximum accuracy, it is necessary to suspend the work of a warehouse, which is not always actually possible. It is therefore necessary to reduce measurement time to a minimum, which is possible only with the involvement of experienced specialists with new high-tech equipment.

Recently, with the new leadership of the enterprise need the exact figure mass of scrap metal on the warehouse. Having composed of specialist Vtormet (head of warehouse scraps at a steel mill), we can accurately determine the mass based on the amount by multiplying the volume weight, depending on the fraction.

From personal experience I can say that in most cases one precise geodetic surveying measuring the composition is not enough. An important role is played by processing with recalculation of the amounts of weight geometric shapes.

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