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Technical assignment for engineering surveys: guide the activities of surveyors

Geodetic surveys from company “Guild Engineering - geodesy (land surveying) - start of receipt of technical specifications. A technical specification is a document, obtained in the preparatory phase and containing the following information:

  1. The purpose of the research.
  2. Main parameters and characteristics of the object.
  3. The fullness of the picture of the situation, and the desired level of detail.
  4. The boundaries of the surveyed area.
  5. Scale.
  6. Additional terms and conditions.
  7. The list of documents that should be provided when the following additional conditions; samples of forms of their presentation.
  8. Data about previous investigations at the site.

After received the technical assignment for engineering surveys, the surveyors, after reconnaissance and study of archival data, the program is set up. She agreed with the customer. If the program provides for the implementation of the special action, it agreed with the General designer.

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Surveying surveying: their purpose of

Graphics and digital terrain model may be required for assessing the prospects of the construction site. Graphic materials must contain information on the situation and terrain, of existing overhead, underground and ground buildings and structures with an indication of their characteristics. Such materials are needed to conduct inventories, ensuring topographitscheskyi management information area, to develop plans of prevention and liquidation of accidents at various plants, for agricultural activities.

For development projects, the right topographic plans, and geodetic surveys are designed to create them. For subsequent construction of the necessary engineering and geodetic framework established in geodetic works. Geologists, Hydrogeologists, entrepreneurs, architects and archaeologists use data that provide engineering and land surveying to create your own graphics and spatial models.

The scale of the shooting, the choice of equipment and methods of development of geodetic networks is specified in the work program. Any deviations must be agreed with the customer and settle. Survey engineering networks is performed in the absence of reliable information about their location (if no materials survey). All measurements are performed in the field period. At the same time is and data pre-processing. This is done in order to timely detect the lack of data to fill it.

Engineering and geodetic survey: obtain data on changes of geometric parameters of objects

The construction is not always conducted continuously from the beginning to the end. There are buildings big breaks in operation.


For example, the administration building of the tram depot stood for about 10 years without special care. Now he planned to turn it into an indoor market. Of course, insert new Windows and whitewash the walls for long. But the people who will work in it, needs to feel safe. This will be done a technical survey of building surveying.


Or another example. It's unfinished. The building of the factory administration. Stood for 15 years, without being completed. I can see the destruction. Soon the question will arise whether it is possible to build it on, or should be demolished unless it was the cause of an accident. Even for the drafting of the elimination of such a large building (4 floors) will require surveying.

Some unfinished buildings, sometimes it's skyscrapers, or can be completed after some time. Execution of facade shootings, shooting floors, and steel columns is performed for these buildings. The specialists of LLC “Guild Engineering performs all types of surveying.

Surveying surveying: specialized activities

Geodesic support of construction referred to specialized research. To the field surveys also include topographic surveys, inventory of lands, monitoring of buildings and structures. The construction of a building or structure is a continuous cycles of geodetic measurements. Breakdown alternate with Executive filming, and so on until completion of all construction. All geodetic documentation is the basis of payments, audits for further action, and in the end - receipt of the documents.

Final processing of the field measurements are performed in the office. Here is the verification of the accuracy measurements. Responsibility for the accuracy and quality of geodetic materials lies in the exploratory organization. In this regard, throughout the period of operation is the control of the measurement accuracy. Engineering and geodetic survey, made by the company “Guild Engineering always are of high quality. Surveyors firms create after completion of the report, which contains information about the passage of technical inspection. The primary documentation is stored in the organization. Copies of the reports shall be in territorial or state cartographic funds, depending on the extent of the shooting.

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