Geophysical maps

Surveying solve some important problems associated with the study of specific areas or objects. They are an integral part of the construction, rebuilding or reconstruction, commissioning and operation of real estate, infrastructure and communications. Without surveying it is impossible to build a house and to lay new track, you cannot run line gas or reconstruct non-residential premises. These works are required at all stages, from pre-design to commissioning with paperwork.

Geodesic maps

the composition surveying includes a number of processes that run as comprehensively and individually. They are divided into two large groups - field and office. The field is all the work that is done directly at the object. Office, in turn, is directed to the processing of results and drafting of documentation on the results of the field work. They are performed in the office with the use of specialized software.

surveying appear in the documents and materials of various kinds. It can be technical reports in text format, and can be all sorts of graphic materials - maps, charts, plans, etc. It geodetic maps are the main graphic document of the same name works. Cartographic documents are developed upon completion of the survey or other research procedures. Maps are drawn up in two, sometimes in three versions. The first is a paper, the classic version. Second, electronic, recorded on digital media. This version of the documents easy to handle, edit, and perform other manipulations. Another option is the creation of three-dimensional terrain model or object. It is a separate direction, uses and other equipment, and other treatment programs. Naturally, laser scanning itself a three-dimensional model is the best option. However, the most commonly used traditional method of preparation of geodetic maps on the results of the capture electronic total station and treatment in special programs.

The cards contain the maximum information about the plot, which appears in the form of horizontal lines and by using the established legend. The accuracy of geodetic maps depends on the quality of geodetic surveys, and this, in turn, depends on the experience and expertise of the people who perform them. Also important is the role of technological equipment. Innovative technology allows to obtain data with millimeter precision.

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the Most important criterion geodetic maps is its accuracy. Discrepancies should be absolutely no. Even a small deviation will result in a chain of displacements  locations and, consequently, a number of negative consequences. In order to achieve the accuracy of the data in the map, you are not only competent to make it, but hold the correct geodetic survey at the field stage. Otherwise, no matter how long you worked on the final graphics of the document, the desired objective you will not succeed. The best option for you will be the one, and when the field phase of surveying and processing results with the subsequent compilation of geodetic maps will be performed by the specialists of the same engineering company. In this case, you may be provided a clear sequence of actions, compliance with the data obtained on the ground the final result.  the Professionals Guild Engineering actively working in the geodesic direction. We are each responsible for its own part of the work and does it professionally and responsibly. Therefore, one specialist, receiving data from another, immediately begins to fulfill its duties without any trials of their colleagues. Trust and professionalism allow us to competently approach to each job and to provide you with quality results.

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