Geodetic monitoring of landslides displacement, beams, and pipes

Even the man who has no special education, understands that there are a variety of natural processes that may adversely affect the stability and strength of structures and engineering objects. In this regard, regularly needs to be special surveys that will help to prevent or delay development of these processes and geodetic monitoring. We can say that in areas where there were recorded a few problem areas, you need to regularly monitor the status of the species. This is the only way to notice the deterioration of the situation and adequately to react. Very often complications begin in the off-season – at this time begins to actively melt away snow or drops significant rainfall all have significant impact on the physico-mechanical properties of soils. Specialists of the company company "Guild Engineering" are engaged in geological and geodetic observations of rocks and degree of their resistance when exposed to external factors.

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Geodetic monitoring of landslides displacement, poles and pipes

let us Consider in more detail the reasons because of which you may experience a similar situation. All breeds can be divided into three types – rocky, sedimentary and artificial. They all differ in the strength characteristics, composition, particle size, etc. most Often in the construction of engineering objects interact with sedimentary rocks. They are quite diverse and can be represented by Sands, clays, sandy loam, loess, etc., All these species differ considerably in composition and, accordingly, react differently to any changes in the environment. That is, when the level of humidity, the increasing workload and pressure etc. all of these rocks will behave in different ways. For this reason, before the construction of a new facility hold engineering-geological and geodetic surveys, which helps to obtain reliable data on the situation within the site. It is important to take into account the fact that the geodetic observations must capture all breeds that fall within the impact zone of the future project. Thus, after laboratory studies, it is possible to figure out what negative geological processes can occur within a given territory.

most Often occur landslides, and subsidence of soil caused by regular flooding of the area. However, if time has carried out all necessary surveys, the experts already know that this site is at risk, and constantly monitors his condition. Much worse, when the preliminary works have not been performed, or was performed incorrectly. Then notice the occurrence of negative geological process much more difficult, and therefore the help of experts who can pause, come running late. Primarily this affects the supports and pipes, as they have no foundations and is rather unstable in comparison with conventional construction. When shifting rocks, these designs are very quickly deformed, which, in turn, can lead to emergency situations. To prevent such developments should always carry out a preliminary geological and geodesic surveys, as well as to carry out regular geodetic monitoring of landslides displacement, pipes and supports. Our organization specializes in this kind of work, using observation and laboratory research only high-quality and precise instrument capable of providing reliable results.

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