Geodetic works on the construction site

<Geodetic works on the construction site

due To the modern nature of the conduct construction (the shortest possible time constrained conditions, the clock works) is a very important component of adherence to established the pace is fast and high-quality geodetic support.

Thanks to modern equipment and many years of experience and mobility of our professionals, we are ready to perform any assigned geodetic task within the specified time, in any weather and time of day, and accompanied by several of Your objects at the same time. Geodetic works on the construction site

Our organization produces geodetic work on site to ensure correct placement of construction projects in the plan with respect to its geometry, the specified accuracy and the requirements of construction norms and rules.

Surveying work on the site can be divided into several categories:

  • Shooting is performed during the design object, and when the count volumes of earthwork (shooting situation on the terrain, the topography of the bottom of the reservoir, and so on, prior to excavation and after the erection of the pit, mound..) that allows you to quickly and accurately identify the scope of work performed.
  • Center - performed during the construction period and are intended to determine the location of the object on the ground (moving the axes and dimensions of the building, structural elements, the boundaries of the pit..., i.e. the carrying out of the project vnature).
  • Executive schemes are in the process of construction, necessary to determine the accuracy of the rendering object on the area and identify possible defects, deviations from the project, as well as the reasons and ways to address them, is an integral part of the documentation when putting the object into operation.
  • Monitoring of deformations is carried out from the beginning of construction of buildings and structures and before the end of construction, and, if necessary, during operation. We remind you that none of the construction of large structures is not without deformation measurements All of the above work are fixed by the appropriate documentation (plan scale 1:500 print "Tatarstan urban architecture authority", the act of transmission axes of the Executive documentation and so on).

the Final estimated cost of the services is individual and depends on many factors such as the size of the plot works, the term of the project, the objectives of surveying, location, terrain...

Geodetic works on the construction site

The most important is the center piece of geodesy at the construction site.

Often perform landing building at the new site according to the General plan trust only experienced professionals. If the master plan was completed in urban tablets, binding future of corners in the plan it is advisable to specify in the city coordinates, so the first thing you need to create a geodetic control network for construction sites, first in the city's coordinates, and then for convenience, convert it to local conventional coordinate system for each building or for the whole complex of buildings facilities, utilities, etc. If the master plan key bindings for surveyors indicated from existing buildings, you still need to first make carrying out of the boundaries of the site, to create a local coordinate system, and then primerate main dimensions to the building set dimensions climbed to the platform, thus we test project for geometric errors.

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Then from the main axis is the breakdown of all elements of the construction site in stages:

  • construction site, to determine the position of the future of the site;
  • the pit, with the release of a reference point on the bottom of the pit;
  • piles, including test;
  • concrete preparation for foundations;
  • the very foundations of various types and configurations, with anchor bolts and without;
  • floors, with their marks as finishing floors, and black;
  • walls, columns of concrete and metal;
  • break all the Windows, doors, floors, roof;

during construction and after its completion surveyors measure all these ready newly constructed elements, draw diagrams and compare them with the project. On the basis of measurements made decisions about the quality the constructs.

Sometimes even the highest quality metering responsible constructs and elements requires re specialist with finished drawings as-built drawings for explanation of the situation on the construction site to the foremen and masters, as not every Builder can read geodetic Executive. They geodetic worker indicates deviations of columns, walls, foundations in the plan, as well as the actual dimensions between columns. As the diagrams indicate the elevation at the measuring points. When the specialist is on the hands of the Executive scheme he may direct the columns indicate the problem areas even without special equipment by using a token for their timely correction.

the Most time-consuming part of geodetic works on the construction site are earthworks. In these works has its own peculiarities, such as:

  • efficiency (when the area is called the excavator, it cost includes can be measured as the cube of the earth, and for the time worked, and downtime because surveyors are also paid from the pocket of the customer, so when digging time mark where to dig and how deep icelanda in minutes);
  • accuracy (for excavator enough to be accurate breakdown of 0.5 m in plan and 0.1 m in height, and in our conditions on the quality of soils and construction standards Perekop is not allowed). Very often I was greeted by a picture, when the surveyor puts the peg corner of the trench at the upper edge with millimetre precision, spends 30 minutes of time to the excavator dug at this point then 4 meters deep. The excavator dug, then peg set again, spend the time, then it turns out that you need to docpath, blame the surveyor, which in total was put at one corner more hours with a precision of 1 mm
  • reliability (excavator dug up and moved, if the stakes were set with errors, for example, the path was not extended to excavation, to Refine the pit must manually, it is much more expensive and longer).
  • complexity (code at the construction site operates heavy equipment, often very difficult for the surveyor to fix their points, points need to coordinate more than you need for grooves, so that when their destruction was at least two). At these stages of the construction works surveyor whole day.

So the code on the site ends of the earth and begin the foundations, the surveyor is already there than to put the device to pin point, to cause the axis.

On the foundations have to be geodetic survey (on average half a day.

Then begin when the walls and ceilings surveyor required on site in just 1 hour per day. As the site has already established a large base points, reference points, many axes imposed on all columns and walls. For an hour he decided how to lay out new walls and ceilings, and poznati ready, removed from casing.

throughout the construction phase is collected archive of Executive surveys, inventories of sites of contractors, there are designs on the subject of displacement, deformation, verticillata and horizontalmente.

the Cost of construction depends on the definition of construction work, the volumes of the structures necessary for the construction and definition of areas. Determination of volumes of construction works includes not only measurement, but also all the necessary operations that depend on the requirements of the project.

With us, Your construction site will always be geometrically smooth, correct form and in a timely manner marked, which will be composed of all relevant regulations and permits.

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