Geodesy in road construction

Surveying in construction of roads Every day on the Central highway, which connects the major cities, moves a lot of cars - not only cars, but also, and heavy trucks. They perform transportation by order of major trading companies, courier services, industrial enterprises. That new highway could last for a long time without repairs and withstand the maximum traffic load, its construction must be approached responsibly. You must carefully and carefully complete each step, without skipping one.

Surveying in construction of roads

road Construction is characterized by the fact that during the development of the project shall take into account the weight, which is capable of withstanding the track, and that it is constantly open to the destructive forces of rainfall. About the strength and quality of the road can be judged after the first winter, when it is long time getting wet and the coating may deteriorate.

Surveying work in road construction

help you project future road so that the builders have made it more reliable and resistant to all environmental factors. Conducted data research needs with the participation of experienced specialists not only in geodesy in General, but also qualified in the research areas under the road. Because each individual sphere of construction has a number of features and in geodesy. Qualified specialists of the company "Guild Engineering allows surveying all construction projects, including highways. They know the entire sequence of the process, every detail and feature. Efficiently and accurately fulfill the objectives set by the customer helps us have a full set of equipment for surveying.

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The originator of the project documentation of highways should possess some knowledge of the area, which will be laid in the future track. To do this, without fail, you must perform all necessary engineering surveys. It will allow you to get detailed information about the geological and hydrological conditions and will determine the nearest places of production of such construction materials as sand, crushed stone, gravel, etc.

As with any project, the technical project for the construction of road works starts with the Desk work. In this case, surveyors topographic plan. With it he can be of different scales, depending on the terrain on which it is planned the construction of roads. The most frequently used scale for topographic survey- 1:10 000 - 1:25 000. it is used for flat terrain. Hilly involves conducting the topographic survey at a scale of 1:5000 - 1:10 000. in mountain areas also roads and in this case uses the scale of 1:2000.

Map allows you to choose to choose the most suitable place for a road.

In the beginning, when all issues are agreed with the client and all work permit is received, our team of experts visits the place of construction. The first thing taken out and fixed geodesic points throughout the work area. After all the points are correctly attached, the next phase of work, which is actively used theodolite - special geodetic equipment. It helps to properly move from project to plot the angles of rotations of the highway. During the removal of corners every 100 m are driven columns, which serve as pointers distance. Another device that helps us to do the job right, " tachometer. It helps just to get levels, angles and bend radii without additional calculations and drawings, which can take a long time. During the works shall be monitored point height, to correctly build the roadbed. Surveying in construction of roads

All data obtained during the study, recorded, compiled reports and given to the customer as a result of this work. Our company performs all research honestly and accurately, and only in the presence of the customer or its representatives.

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